Hey everyone! 

Welcome back to another issue of DTC’s Creative Corner! We want to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you had the chance to unwind this holiday because we know you deserved it. To get you back into the swing of things we’ve pulled together some creatives that we think are beautifully curated for their designated platform.

So without further ado, let’s go! 👇 

Cesar: Dog Math


TikTok is a fusion of trends and creativity. 

When tailoring content for TikTok, focus on short, engaging content. Embrace the trends, use catchy music, engaging voiceovers, and clear text overlays and you will be off to the races. 

TikTok is all about capturing attention in the first three seconds, so be sure to put extra thought into your hooks. Remember, weird and simple usually works! 

This ad for Cesar Dog Food is a great example of how brands can jump on trends and create ads out of seemingly organic content. 

This video immediately grabs your attention – who doesn’t love a dog in a hat –  calls out the current trend “Dog Math,” and presents all of the important selling points while keeping the viewer engaged using quick cuts and dynamic clips. 

Served: UGC Mashup


Instagram is known to be a “visual-first” platform, meaning that it prioritizes and emphasizes visual content, such as images and videos, over text-based content. 

Find a balance between organic and informative content as that’s what its users prefer. The goal should be to create ads that feel like a feed post, which is exactly what this ad for SERVED does. 

The UGC mashup is high energy, fast-paced, and entertaining which draws viewers in and does a great job of explaining the product without a direct explanation. The result is an authentic ad that removes the “salesy” feel and appeals to the organic vibe of the platform. 

Nike: Quadrant Ad

Facebook is the go-to platform for more mature audiences. When creating Facebook ads, ensure your content is polished and professional. Craft engaging content that resonates with those who appreciate informative and well-crafted advertising messages. Quadrant ads like this one are a great place to start. They are a clean and polished format that breaks product information down into bite-size chunks for viewers.