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 This ZenPop ad is a masterclass in unboxing content.

The allure of unboxing content is on full display with a vibrant color palette and a showcase of unique product offerings that immediately grabs the viewer's attention. 

Once the viewer is hooked, a substantial portion of the video is dedicated to unboxing clips, which provide a comprehensive and tangible insight into the product itself. 

This approach not only fosters a genuine connection with the audience, but also gives them a firsthand experience of the product's features and benefits. 

What sets this video apart is how well the unboxing angle aligns with the distinctiveness of the products. This synergy serves to elevate consumer interest further and creates an aura of excitement around the brand. The viewer is left with a sense of curiosity and anticipation, compelled to explore more.

The Good Kiind


This ad puts a twist on the Pilothouse-favorite “badges angle” and it works wonders! 

Badges are an effective way of conveying a product’s features so the viewer can focus on important information. 

In this case, using the crumpled paper animation not only helps to set the scene for the product (perfect for school), but the animations appearing in turn make the messaging easily digestible and keep the ad visually dynamic. 

Having the product take center stage makes it easy for viewers to understand what is being sold at a glance. 

The product image and the speckled background add another layer of movement to keep the ad engaging from start to finish.

Chamberlain Coffee

Hold onto your hats because this Subscribe and Save ad is taking everyone on a crash course on ad-building basics! 

The dynamic shapes and contrasting colors are well-balanced and strategically used to demand attention and stop the scroll. This is a very effective attention-grabbing tactic used by the biggest brands in the biz!

The savings callouts are clear and concise for potential customers to quickly evaluate and understand the benefits. Clear messaging is crucial in helping viewers understand the most important information about your product at a glance. 

By showcasing an array of products from a sought-after product line, the brand caters to diverse preferences and a larger audience.