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We’ve got week 7 of DTC's Creative Corner ready for you with a few, spicy new creatives to jazz up your day from our talented team!

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Unboxing videos are fantastic for products that have some level of technicality. In this case, showing people how to set up the product and enjoy filtered water is a win. 

Mineralization? Filtration? Not everyone will understand technical terms like these. A simple video demonstration video showing how to set up and use the product will convey all of the necessary information and the product’s benefits. 

The hook is another great feature of this ad. It uses a simple and effective opening shot (tap water = 👎). Plus, the inverted story arc is a nice touch.

The video starts with an eye-catching clip, shows the finished product, and then walks viewers through each step of the unboxing and building process. 



Now this video is smooth

So smooth you might not have realized that it’s entirely made up of static product images with no actual product video content. 

The secret lies in the subtle zoom effect applied to the images to create a sense of movement and make it feel like a video. This effect is further emphasized through the palm tree underlay adding another subtle layer of movement. 

The music gives the video the vibe of a thriller. It builds suspense at the beginning of the ad to pique the viewer’s interest. The ad retains attention by not showing the product right away and builds hype up to the final reveal. 



This upbeat ad uses a hook that follows a simple format: 

For the _____ who's always _____.” 

This hook format makes it easy to introduce a product or service as a solution in the ad. 

The body of the video pairs clips of the product in action with a copy that details each feature—making the ad accessible with or without audio. 

The unexpected typewriter audio effect in place of common keyboard clicks at the beginning of the video helps disrupt the scroll and grab viewers’ attention.