It’s week 15 of DTC Creative Corner, and we are coming at you with some fantastic creatives! This week it’s all about Mashups! 

Mashups come in various styles and are a great way to:

✅ Breathe new life into old content 

✅ Tell a story and build trust

✅ Highlight specific selling points

Today we have 3 exciting creatives that showcase different ways you can mash up your content and expand your creative library. 

Let’s jump in! 👇



Now if this ad doesn’t get you excited about a product, I don’t know what will. The more you watch it, the more you see! 

Oftentimes mashup ads will be built using consumer testimonials to help leverage social proof, create trust with an audience, and build excitement around a product; and this ad is no exception. 

But what makes it notable is that it uses both consumer video testimonials and written testimonials laid out in a dynamic and engaging format. Each video testimonial feeds nicely into the next to both highlight the key product features and keep the viewer engaged. The quick cuts and plethora of b-roll content add movement to the video while always giving the viewer something new to look at. 

Not only does this ad tell viewers why they might want it – “The Anyday is my new secret weapon in the kitchen” – it also gives them ideas for how they could use it – “I’ve seen them do mashed potatoes, bacon, veggies, and they’re even doing desserts” – helping the viewer to better imagine the product in their own lifestyle. 

Credit Genie


Engage your audience by telling a story! 📚

Easier said than done right? Well yes, but a great way to take a stab at this is with Mashups! 

Take a look at this example from Credit Genie. 

In combining snippets of old content, the brand has built a new ad that tells a story and refreshes their content library without the costs of having to shoot new footage. 

By purposefully using testimonial content, the brand can leverage its social proof and further build trust with its audience. 

The effectiveness of social proof is particularly high when a brand can find ways to authentically connect and resonate with its audience. In this case, highlighting the relatable struggle of living paycheck to paycheck strikes a resonant chord with a broad audience. It establishes an immediate rapport and reaffirms the brand's understanding of common financial challenges.

Each clip is intentionally selected, meaning each frame delivers vital information or evokes an emotional response. In doing so, the brand can keep the viewer engaged from start to finish. 

Remember that it is easy for Mashup ads to quickly become long and lose focus. Brands that can be critical and hone in on only the most effective sentences from old content can create effective mashup ads. So be picky! 

Tru Earth


Quadrant ads are great on their own for a variety of reasons.

They are:

  • Scroll-Stopping
  • Able to combine images and videos in a single frame
  • Perfect for breaking down complex topics and products into digestible chunks

Now, hold onto your hat, because when you team up these quadrant ads with the magic of mashup ads, you've got a winning combo, just like this Tru Earth example.

The quadrant layout for this ad makes it easy for the viewer’s eye to grasp the important information at a glimpse such as the company name and logo, the CTA, and the product packaging.  

The mashup video, containing all of the important information and social proof, is strategically placed in the first quadrant because of the primacy effect. 

The primacy effect is a psychology theory that states that humans have a tendency to remember the first piece of information they encounter. Hint: because people in North America, people read from left to right and top to bottom, the top left should be your focus. 

Placing the mashup video in the top left corner means it is the first information the viewer is going to engage with, increasing the likelihood they remember the important information about the product. 

Using an attention-grabbing hook like, “Here’s one thing I was influenced to buy that was actually worth it” engages the viewer. While the other videos used in the mashup such as the product demo and additional testimonial play a strong role in supporting the practicality and sustainability of the product and help to appeal to a wider audience.