Welcome back to another issue of DTC Creative Corner. We hope you had a great long weekend and are ready to dive into some new creatives. 

This week, we’re focusing on creator hooks that you can add into your Q4 planning!

Let’s go! 👇

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Last week was all about Negative Space 🧑‍🚀, this week let’s talk a little about Negative Hooks. 🪝

Negative Hooks often use a reverse psychology technique known as reverse selling. By instructing the viewer not to engage in a particular action, it tends to trigger an immediate response of "Why not?

This curiosity-driven reaction can play a significant role in capturing and maintaining the audience's attention as it compels people to mentally engage and seek out the reasons behind the discouraged action. This then provides the perfect opportunity for brands to highlight their benefits and features, and promote their offerings. 



This Fellow ad adds a whole new meaning to the saying “Shake it up”.

If your usual hooks are seeing a dip in performance, it might be time to try something new. While this hook may feel a little unconventional, there is no denying that it is attention-grabbing. 

As mentioned previously, the human brain looks for repetition and routine. In this context, hooks that deviate from these accustomed expectations – i.e.) throwing a mug instead of drinking from it – are a great way of getting the brain to pay more attention. 



It’s no secret that Reply to Comment videos are great for engagement and do wonders for building trust with an audience. Many brands use this angle to answer common questions and position themselves ahead of competitors. 👀

However, the issue many brands run into is knowing where to go next after the common questions and concerns have been addressed. 

Comments such as this one that have elements of secrecy and pique the viewer's interest are great as they leave the door open to create authentic and organic-feeling content whilst promoting your product.