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Thomas Earnshaw

Now this ad is crisp 💥 and a great example of how well-thought-out product imagery, with balanced negative space, can create great evergreen content for brands. Not only could this image be used on a PDP, but add some text into the mix and you’ve got a sleek ad that’s sure to turn heads.

The messaging is as well-thought-out as the imagery. The copy uses different font sizes to guide the viewer’s eyes through the image, emphasizing the most important information. At a glance, it’s easy for readers to understand:

1. The sale that is being offered → “Up to 70% off”

2. What products are on sale → “Best Sellers” 

3. Who the products are for → “...for the adventurous man”



This ad does a fantastic job of building an emotional connection with the viewer. By showcasing the people behind the process, the video builds a connection by putting a face to the brand. It is important to remember that people connect with people, and playing into emotional motivators can work wonders for building loyal consumer relations. 

Additionally, the video uses behind-the-scenes footage of each production step to keep the viewer engaged, as well as simple messaging to help craft a story. Offering a glimpse into the brand's journey builds trust and reinforces the emotional connection with viewers.



This ad for Fitlight feels like something straight out of a spy movie → cue the suspense and intrigue. Using scrolling text animations directs the viewer's eye to essential information, creating a visually engaging experience. When paired with the digital typing audio, the ad recreates a spy movie vibe that’s familiar to viewers, further enhancing their interest.

Additionally, the ad showcases the product's versatility while highlighting the app's functionality. By demonstrating what the product can do without explicitly stating it, viewers can easily grasp its functionality, which leaves room to highlight other important information.