Our Model is Different

Our mission is to create a partner dynamic that aligns client, agency, and team members toward shared goals:

  • Top-line growth (revenue growth)

  • Efficiency (profit margin)

  • Team motivation (aligned incentives)

Depending on your goals, we work hand-in-hand to create a win-win-win ecosystem that is collaborative, transparent, and enduring.

We provide a fresh take in a noisy landscape of agencies – we make sure all your traffic works together, and that our team works in harmony with yours.

By embedding your targets into our fee structure and our teams' compensation models, your business goals become ours. It’s our philosophy that sets us apart from others – that's how we create multi-year partnerships.

An Accountable and Talented Team
with Global 24/7 Campaign Coverage

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YOY Growth

How We Got Here
It started way back in 2009...

Strap in – here comes a history lesson on “performance marketing." Back in 2009, a handful of us worked at an eCommerce marketing startup in Victoria, BC. We were young, and the company was growing fast. It was exciting.

This company promoted affiliate products on a pay-per-conversion model, giving us free rein to follow the money and create the demand to sell products.

Here's how it worked – if we were able to spend $80 and generate $100, we would gross $20 in profit. When we found a winner we'd scale it up and cash in.

We branched off, and over the next 10 years explored various roles in the performance marketing space.

In 2019, it was clear that eCommerce companies were fed up with the traditional agency model, and preferred to work alongside a growth partner who was aligned with their financial goals...

And so, Pilothouse was born. We've since created over 200 jobs and $500M+ in directly attributable value for our clients.

What We Value

Value Creation
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