Welcome back to another week of DTC’s Creative Corner!  If Q4 has you feeling a little queasy, we’ve got you covered. This week, we’re focusing on how to conquer Amazon. 🤺

From the just passed Fall Prime Day to the near future Black Friday/Cyber Monday and holiday sales, the hustle of Q4 in the Amazon space can overwhelm even the most seasoned ecom expert. But have no fear, below are some creative angles you can implement on your account to tame the beast that is Q4. 🤑

Here we go 👇

CorneaCare 25% Off Sale

Don't be caught building creatives at the last minute. Get a jumpstart on Q4 preparations by mapping out promos and related images ahead of time. Don’t have a promo calendar? Steal this one.

If you’re running offers, be sure to build out a second listing image to highlight your sale and draw attention to your listing! Remember, swapping offers is easy once the groundwork is done, so get that graphic built ASAP! 

❣️ Why we love this creative:

This image clearly displays the discount that is being offered, and lays out the date range that consumers have to take advantage of the offer. Additionally, it uses holiday imagery and language to put viewers into the holiday mind frame (think gifting) and showcases multiple products from the brand, allowing customers to upsell/cross-sell themselves! 🔥

Big Blanket Amazon Store Page


Skip the seasonal stress scramble; instead, start crafting a festive masterpiece well before the first snowfall hits the ground. 

Amazon store pages are perfect vessels to hold all the cheerful holiday creative. Whether it be “Gift Giving” “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Grinchmas” pages, be sure to build them nice and early. 

❣️ Why we love this creative:

The page includes multiple product variations, giving the viewer a comprehensive understanding of the product options at a glance, and uses multiple shoppable tiles, making it easy for the customer to make a purchase. It also provides a landing page for seasonal sponsored brand traffic, taking another thing off of your Q4 to-do list!

💥 Super tip! Make the pages OVERLY shoppable. Throw in product grids and shoppable tiles, making it as easy as 1-2-3 for customers to click that beautiful “add to cart” button. 

Big Blanket Listing Image

Amazon listing images aren't just placeholders, they can be used to ensure shoppers think of your products as ideal gifts this holiday season. 

❣️ Why we love this creative:

This image clearly showcases the product packaging and the contrast in the image (big dark packaging on a light-coloured wall) ensures the viewer's focus is pulled toward the product. The packaging showcases the brand’s unique selling point – "The Biggest, Best Blankets in the World." 

The message is loud and clear, positioning the brand ahead of its competitors, but without it feeling overwhelming, ie. the perfect balance. ⚖️

Brands can also enhance their listing images by including seasonal keywords. So build a list of crafty seasonal keywords that'll sprinkle some extra magic into your brand’s holiday marketing. These gems can be slipped into your graphics as smoothly as Santa down the chimney.