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Welcome to the latest edition of Creative Corner from our marketing masterminds! This week, we’ve got another round of big-name brands with even bigger ambitions for their creatives. 

Let’s see what's in store. 👇

Chamberlain Coffee


From start to finish, this ad is bright, colorful, and fun! 

Using different content mediums from photos and videos to UGC, text animations, and even pop-ups helps keep the content dynamic. 

Every clip is dynamic regardless if it is static or video. This supports the video’s flow and keeps the viewer engaged. 

All of the text which Chamberlain Coffee included is short, direct, and valuable to the viewer. 

Including product reviews at the end of the video helps solidify the audience’s trust in the product and lets them walk away with a positive brand perception.

Journee Collection

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again! Quadrant ads are some of the most effective and easiest to assemble ads for your content library

Quadrants divide information into bite-size chunks, making it easy for viewers to obtain all essential information at a glance. This ad for Journee Collection is a great example of how brands can rework their existing content into new angles. 

To start, the shoe in all three pictures faces the same direction, creating consistency throughout the ad. The human brain loves consistency and naturally seeks out patterns and repetition—making this ad more eye-catching to viewers. 

Listing the amount of 5-star reviews serves as social proof to instill confidence in their product. In some cases, this kind of social proof can also incentivize a purchase by tapping into the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Fuse Lenses


Right from the start, this creator video for Fuse Lenses showcases the product and builds excitement around its features. 

The blue reflective lenses are bold and attention-grabbing, which stops the scroll and directs the viewer's focus toward the product. The additional visuals showcasing the lenses’ tangible enhancements help the viewer comprehend the product’s benefits more effectively than if they were simply reading them. 

The “creator testimonial” adds a layer of social proof to the video, but the true value lies in the combination of the environment (outdoors🌲) and creator content (kayaking). These two elements, when put together, build the audience’s trust. 

The creator appears genuine, which adds more positive weight to what they say and constructs a solid bridge between the brand and the consumer.