Welcome back! 

We’re excited you joined us this week for another issue of the DTC x Pilothouse Creative Corner! 

We know the anticipation for the upcoming Q4 push is brewing, so we’re coming in this week with some fun content ideas you can steal to shake up your ad library and connect with your audience in new ways. 

Let’s go! 👇

Papaya: Podcast Content


You’ve heard of CGC (Creator Generated Content). Well folks, there's a new kid on the block — PGC (Podcast Generated Content) — a trend that has been booming lately. 💥

These ads are built to look like snippets from a podcast where a product or service naturally comes up in conversation. These creatives feel natural to the platform – an ad that doesn’t feel like an ad ✅ – and help brands establish credibility by leveraging social proof and showcasing positive word of mouth. 

Here’s why we think this works. When you put a mic in front of someone, it for whatever reason immediately establishes a sense of authority, which to the viewer, makes the source appear more reliable. So, whether it's a real podcast or a chat you and your CEO cooked up in the office, it still carries that expert vibe that viewers trust. 

Pilothouse: Data-Backed Content


You know what they say, the proof is in the pudding! So we say, give them the goods! 

It is very easy for brands to preach about the kind of results that their consumers have achieved with their product or service, but where it really gets good is when a brand can break down exactly how a result was achieved. 

This proves that there really is a – data-backed – method to the madness and helps potential customers to better understand your offerings, how it could benefit them, and ultimately build trust. 

The strategic use of CGC green screen content and a client testimonial really sends this ad across the finish line. The creator breaks down the important information from a real case study into bite-size chunks and walks the viewer through the entire process. 

In doing so, the ad tells a story that’s keeping the viewer engaged, and the information becomes easier for the viewer to understand and recall. Add in a client testimonial that speaks to your credibility and you are set for a home run.

Salt and Stone: Chatty Reccomendation


When it comes to your Creator Content, it’s time to talk the talk!

Remember how last week we told you many brands will finess their content to leverage their social proof? Well this follows the same thinking and it has everything to do with the kind of language you use. 

Speaking using language like “Welcome back” or “Everyone is always asking me about  __” can help establish authority by making it appear that the person/creator aligned with your brand has a well-established and engaged following. 

In this case, the creator uses sentences such as “People ask me what perfume I am wearing multiple times a week” and it makes them appear as a reliable source of information because if “everyone is always asking them”, they are probably in the know. 

People love to feel like they are in the loop, so when brands can make their viewers feel they’re part of an inner circle, it builds community and connection that helps to create a loyal customer base. 

Additionally, using CTAs such as “Stay tuned” or “I will let you know” keep viewers engaged by giving them something to look forward to. These phrases create a sense of anticipation and curiosity, encouraging your audience to stay connected and await the next update. It's a subtle way of building a relationship with your audience and keeping them invested in your content and your offerings.