It’s great to have you back for another week of DTC’s Creative Corner! This week, we’re focused on all things Creator Content 🤳 and this one does not disappoint.

So without further ado, let’s get into it. 👇

Big Blanket


This video for Big Blanket is fun and a little cheeky, which makes for highly engaging content. Firstly, the creator speaks to the viewer in first-person, as if they were the brand. 

The back-in-stock angle builds excitement around the product and the creator uses language such as:

“...have sold out 3 times” and “these sell out every time”

This language is a sure fire way of creating FOMO. 

Finally, the creator makes the selling points relatable by saying statements such as: 

“Not to worry if you hate making the bed, our sheets have top, bottom, and side labels.”

This makes it easier for the viewer to understand why they need this product and how it will benefit them. 

Manly Bands


This video does a great job of setting expectations from start to finish. 🏁

Within the first 4 seconds of the video, it’s clear who the ad is selling to and what’s being sold.

Don’t be an average man by getting an average wedding ring.”

The video then swiftly moves to breaking down the features that set the product apart from competitors, so customers know exactly what they are purchasing. 

The creator using a “3 Reasons Why” format makes important information easier to retain and builds a connection with the audience by using warm language such as “my friend.”

While not directly called out by the creator, the greenscreen briefly shows the product price—giving viewers an idea of the cost before they even get to the brand’s website. 

Finally, the creator wraps it up by calling out the 2-day shipping. So, from start to finish the viewer knows: What is being sold, who the product is for, what makes the product unique, roughly how much it will cost, and how fast they can get it. 👏



This video for JBW is a fantastic example of how you can reuse old creator content to create new winning ads. 

Mashups breathe new life into old content and allow brands to be flexible in testing new angles. For example, this video uses the trending “TikTok Voice,” providing a fresh and hyper-relevant tone to the brand that can appeal to a new audience. 

The scrapbook effect and different image overlays keep the video engaging while preserving its focus on the watches. The messaging is clear and easy to follow even when the video is viewed without sound.