We hate to break it to you, but sometimes brands will finess their content to make it appear more authentic and build better connections with their audience… And the truth is, it works! 🤷

If you’re planning to do this for your brand, make sure you practice what you preach! AKA, make sure that your ad lines up with the reality of the product/service you’re promoting. Why? Because if social media has shown us anything, it’s that good word travels fast, but bad word travels faster. 

So with that word of caution, let’s dive into three easy angles you test to leverage your social proof and build stronger connections with your audience. 🤝 

Big Blanket Text Conversations


*Created by Pilothouse Studios*

It doesn’t get any more real than a text from your best friend ranting and raving about a product to make you want to spend your hard earned cash. 💸

Lucky for brands, these text convos can also make for a great hook. 

Here’s why it works:

1️⃣ Scrollers can relate! They know the feeling of sharing a good find with a friend, so showing your ad in a format they’re familiar with allows for easier connection with your brand.

2️⃣ You don’t want anyone reading your text conversations, right? Right. Because text threads are inherently private, viewers feel like they’re getting an exclusive ‘in the know’ piece of information.

3️⃣ Consumers are more likely to try something new when it comes recommended by a friend! Anytime your brand can weave this kind of social proof into your content, it is a win in our books.

MUD\WTR Voicemail


This video from start to finish is fun, energetic, and engaging. The pièce de résistance? The voice over — or should we say the voicemail. ☎️

This is a unique approach to testimonial content that adds a layer of social proof by using an “unsolicited voicemail” *wink wink* in exchange for your traditional testimonial. 

Similar to the Big Blanket ad above, this video leans into the endorsement of a friend to help build trust and encourage a sale. 

Additionally, the visuals used in this video include a mix of UGC and Studio Production content that showcases the product and further builds the brand’s social proof. 

💡 Pilothouse pro tip: Take note of the spelling of some of the words in the captions like “yessssss!” and “Ohhh Myyy Godddd”. While a subtle detail, this helps put emphasis on the emotions that set the tone of the video because it mimics real speech. This not only keeps the viewer fully engaged and excited, but it also helps to set the tone for anyone watching without sound.

Skims FaceTime


Video calls are the new hot ad format on the block that brands are using to leverage both social proof and word of mouth endorsement. Video calls or FaceTimes have the same allure as text messaging, adding a level of excitement about being privy to a private conversation. 

Did your parents ever tell you the old “you can’t understand emotions through text?” Well, for the most part, they’re right! Video call footage allows viewers firsthand experiences with the emotions and tones portrayed from the messenger. Having an understanding of the delivery helps viewers build a further emotional connection with your brand. 

Starting the video with “Guys, I have to tell you about…” immediately grabs the viewers attention. Because let’s face it, when your friend calls and starts with “I have to tell you about ___” you know the tea is going to be good. ☕ 

One thing this ad does specifically well is using a wide variety of clips to tell a story and keep the viewer engaged. The cherry on top? It cuts back to the FaceTime conversation halfway through to bring the ad full circle and make sure the viewer remains interested.