Hey folks! 

Welcome back to another DTC x Pilothouse Studios Creative Corner. 

While you might be ready to relax now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it's important to keep that momentum going as we head into the rest of the holiday season! 

Today, we've got three easy hacks that will assist you in quickly pulling together some last-minute holiday creatives.

Enough fa-la-la-ing around, let's dive in. 👇

Colorfil: Rebuild Past Winners

Tip number 1!

(Re)work with what you’ve got! 

One of the easiest ways to pull together new festive creatives quickly is to rebuild your existing winning ads with a touch of holiday flair. ✨

It's easy to forget that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Winners are winners for a reason, so why not run with what you’ve got (and know it works)? 

This ad for Colorfil is a great example. The ad uses a captivating combination of quirky imagery, vibrant colors, and bold text that places the product at the forefront, grabbing viewers' attention and stopping the scroll. 

Now, envision taking this proven formula and injecting it with a dose of holiday spirit.

Replace the everyday nose with jolly old Santa Claus, drape the backdrop in a striking holiday red, and tweak your messaging to align with any specific holiday promotions or themes. 

It's a recipe for instant festive appeal that will have you dashing through your to-do list.

However, it's important to recognize that merely incorporating festive figures and colors won't automatically set your brand apart. The true magic lies in the context. 🪄

Take, for instance, the use of Santa Claus in a scenario you wouldn't typically expect – sniffing stinky air. It's festive, yes, but also delightfully unconventional. This unexpected twist not only captures attention but prompts viewers to pause and engage in creating a memorable moment that distinguishes your brand from the festive advertising clutter.

SHCK RACK: Rework Old Content


Tip number 2! 

Change the angle

One of Pilothouse Studios' favorite tricks to revamp old content is to simply switch up the angle. What does that mean? Keep the same tried-and-true visuals, but rework the angle using voice-overs, green screens, and other text overlays!

Look at this product demo video that Pilothouse's Studio Production team created for Shck Rack. It is a visually engaging and well-shot product demo video that walks viewers step-by-step through the installation process. 

Now, remove the text overlays, reduce the music, and add in your holiday-focused voice-over, and you’ve got a new piece of content ready for the holiday season. 

SHCK RACK: Holiday Angle 👇


Another great way to do this is to film on a green screen and use the original piece of content as your background. Using a creator helps to leverage social proof and lets viewers trust and connect with your brand.

Big Blanket: Sponsored Brand Video


Tip number 3! 

Include intangible USPs in your messaging to paint an emotional picture. 

Amazon is a great place to capture last-minute Christmas shoppers – did somebody say two-day delivery? 📦– and the best way to capture the hearts of these last-minute Larrys is to use visuals and messaging that plainly call out the giftability of your product. 🎁

While customers naturally seek information about the practical benefits and tangible qualities of a product, it's important to recognize that selling the intangible qualities is what helps set brands apart, especially during the holidays. 

Using intangible USPs such as “epic holiday snuggles and large family gatherings” paints a visual image that helps customers see the whole picture and attach an emotional value to a product. Using supporting holiday-themed imagery helps to further “set the scene” and appeal to the gift giver by selling the feeling of giving something to someone that they’re genuinely excited to receive.