What to Do If Your Meta Account Performance Is Declining

Tips and Strategies
May 22, 2024
5 min read
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Is your Meta account performance taking a nosedive? No worries—the Pilothouse Meta team is here to assist!

Before you consider major adjustments, it’s crucial to analyze the data comprehensively. By examining week-by-week performance, you can identify when the decline began. This type of analysis is essential to pinpoint whether issues are occurring before or after the click, helping you make informed decisions moving forward. (More on how to make custom reports here).

Revitalize Your Top Ad Campaigns:

Start by revisiting your best-performing ads from before the downturn. At Pilothouse, we often look back at successful ads from the previous year to find potential revival opportunities. Replicate these ads in a new scaling campaign, considering which campaign types and attribution settings (e.g., 7DC1DV vs. 7DC) have shown the best results. Utilize post IDs in your new campaigns to maintain social proof. (More on post ID’s here)

Reintroduce Successful Past Campaigns:

Look back at the top campaigns over the last 14, 30, and 60 days—particularly those that slowed down and were paused. When relaunching, the Pilothouse Meta team suggests starting with a modest budget and scaling up as the campaign exits the learning phase. This strategic approach recently revived a client's campaign, achieving 11.57% lower CPAs compared to the overall account average. Now, this campaign accounts for 42% of the total account spend, demonstrating its significant impact on the client's advertising efforts.

Analyze Audience Feedback:

Review comments on your high-spending ads to understand current audience sentiments. Address any frequent objections directly in your ad copy or creative. If comments suggest issues like slow site speed or post-click problems, conduct a thorough site audit to ensure optimal functionality. Also, actively engage with both positive and negative comments to inform potential customers and convert engagement into sales.

Don't let a dip in performance keep you down. Try these strategies for a robust recovery. If you find these challenges persist, don't hesitate to contact the Pilothouse team for a complimentary audit.

By emphasizing practical steps and showcasing how the Pilothouse Meta ads team leverages data and past successes, this content positions Pilothouse as a knowledgeable and effective partner in navigating the complexities of Meta ads account management.

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