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Manly Bands  Doubles Conversion Rate with Pilothouse's Proprietary CRO Commerce Platform

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Manly Bands, a brand dedicated to helping every individual find a genuine and unique wedding band, came to Pilothouse facing specific challenges impacting their online performance. Manly Bands approached the Pilothouse team with the following key issues:

  • Low conversions rate (CVR)
  • High traffic with low conversions
  • Slow site load times

Manly Bands and Pilothouse tied the knot in their partnership in 2021… and the results have been nothing short of breathtaking.

Summary of Results

Black Friday:

Increase in net sales during the Black Friday period
Increase in online sessions over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend
Increase in net sales for November
Surge in orderfor November

Key Challenges

Upon our initial assessment, Manly Bands faced critical issues that needed immediate attention:

Low Conversion Rate (CVR)

Manly Bands was experiencing a low conversion rate, indicating that a significant portion of their website traffic was not translating into successful transactions.

High Traffic with Low Conversions

Despite driving substantial traffic to their site, the conversion rates were not reflective of the brand's potential. Visitors were not converting into customers at an optimal rate.

Slow Site Load Times

Due to the inherent challenges of Shopify, coupled with the extensive range of SKUs and content on their site, Manly Bands encountered prolonged load times, adversely affecting the overall user experience.

Our Approach

To address these challenges, our team implemented a strategy that involved the following key initiatives:

CRO Implementation

We replicated Manly Bands' store in our CRO environment, leveraging the benefits of a headless architecture to enhance flexibility and speed.

Performance Metrics Improvement

• Conversion Rate Increase: Our CRO solution yielded a remarkable 57% increase in conversion rates compared to the previous Shopify setup.

• Page Speed Enhancement: By transitioning to a headless architecture, we achieved a substantial 65% improvement in page load times compared to the Shopify platform.

Efficient Store Replication

In a remarkably short timeframe of two weeks, we successfully duplicated and optimized over 100 Shopify collections, product detail pages (PDPs), and the homepage in our headless environment.

Results and Impact

The transformation of Manly Bands' online store produced tangible and significant outcomes:

Conversion Rate Boost

  • The implemented changes resulted in a substantial 57% increase in conversion rates, signifying a more effective transition of visitors into customers.

Enhanced Page Speed

  • With a 65% improvement in page load times, the shopping experience for Manly Bands' customers was significantly optimized, contributing to increased satisfaction and engagement.

Efficient Content Replication

  • Despite the complexity of Manly Bands' product catalog, our team efficiently replicated and optimized over 100 Shopify collections and pages within a short two-week timeframe.

Manly Bands' unique case, with its extensive SKU catalogue and the tendency of customers to browse multiple products, underscored the importance of addressing slow site speeds. Through the strategic implementation of conversion rate optimization, we not only resolved existing issues but also laid the foundation for a seamless and high-performing online shopping experience, aligning with Manly Bands' commitment to a distinguished and personalized buying journey.