The Science
Behind the Success: Revolutionizing GrowOya

Uncovering growth, one test at a time.

Explore our rigorous testing approaches, shedding light on the path to sustainable success. From meticulous ad strategies to insightful angle tests, discover the science behind unlocking growth. A perfect example? GrowOya – a brand that needed a partner that understood what it takes to grow.

Angle Test

For this campaign, we meticulously set and evaluated baseline metrics, implemented strategic ad angles, and explored the dynamics of social proof to enhance overall campaign effectiveness. Here's a detailed look at our approach:

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  1. Baseline Metrics Established: We successfully set robust baseline cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through rate (CTR) metrics tailored to cold audiences. This data provided a clear benchmark for measuring campaign performance.
  2. Top Performing Angles: We identified three primary angles that resonated powerfully with cold audiences. This success lays a solid foundation for expanding these strategies in future campaigns. There's also potential to integrate these angles creatively in a value stack within specific ads.
  3. Social Proof Dynamics: Our use of social proof, despite resulting in higher CPCs, drove high-quality intent, as evidenced by a notable increase in add-to-carts (ATCs), which ranked second overall. This indicates that while initial responses to reviews might be lukewarm due to unfamiliarity with the product, their impact grows significantly deeper in the customer journey.
  4. Strategic Recommendations:
    • Lower Funnel Value of Reviews: The analysis supports strategically placing social proof and reviews deeper in the sales funnel, where they are likely to influence potential buyers more.
    • Guarantee Placement: The '90-day guarantee' is poised to be particularly effective lowering the funnel, addressing potential buyer hesitations and enhancing conversion rates at a critical decision-making stage.

Top Evergreen Creatives & Learnings

Next up is how we crafted evergreen ad creatives, seamlessly blending universal appeal with core consumer needs.


  1. Static Ad Performance: We prioritized simplicity in our evergreen static ads, consistently achieving the best performance across the account. This approach proved effective in maintaining steady engagement over time.
  2. Comparison Ads: We strategically positioned our client’s product against its primary competitor – traditional hoses. Although comparison ads are less common in the account, they have delivered exceptional results, highlighting the superior features of our client’s product.
  3. Video Animation Traction: Over the last two weeks, our animated video ads have gained significant traction and momentum. This indicates a growing interest and engagement from our target audience, suggesting that dynamic visual content is resonating well.
  4. Average Order Value (AOV): We observed a higher AOV from customers who engaged with the animated ads. This underscores the ad’s effectiveness not just in attracting views, but in driving higher-value purchases as well.
  5. Effective Hooks: Our direct creator-generated explainer videos have made a notable impact, particularly the hook, “Gardening has literally never been this easy.” This message, derived from our angle test findings, has proven to be the most compelling, significantly enhancing the ad's appeal.

Top Sale Creative & Learnings

For this promotional Mother’s Day campaign, we closely monitored the effectiveness of various creative formats, focusing particularly on their performance during sale periods. Here's an in-depth review of our observations and adjustments:


  1. Sale Messaging Effectiveness: Our analysis confirmed that the top creatives identified through our testing resonated well when paired with sale messaging. This synergy indicates that our promotional content effectively captures audience interest during critical sale periods.
  2. Static Ad Performance: We observed that static ads continued to be our top performers and accounted for the majority of our ad spend during sale events. Their consistent delivery and effectiveness highlight their pivotal role in our advertising strategy.
  3. Cost Considerations for Video Ads: Despite their dynamic appeal, video ads incurred higher costs, as reflected in increased cost-per-click (CPC) rates due to the higher cost-per-thousand impressions (CPMs) within our account. This trend underscores the need to balance the engaging nature of video content with its associated costs to optimize our advertising budget effectively.

Creative Testing Themes: Comparison Style Creative Testing Results


  1. Comparison, split screens, or side-by-side creatives have shown impressive data multiple times in testing and in sale creative.
  2. This style will likely be in the evergreen core for some time to come and throughout this year.
  3. Still believe there is more potential and opportunity in this direction.

Branded Statics Testing Results

For this segment of our campaign, we focused on evaluating the effectiveness of branded statics, particularly through comparison, split screens, or side-by-side creatives. Here's a concise breakdown of our findings:


  1. Efficacy of Comparison Creatives: Our testing and sales data consistently demonstrate that comparison, split screen, and side-by-side creatives yield impressive results. The compelling nature of these formats effectively showcases the distinctive advantages of our products, resounding strongly with our target audience.
  2. Evergreen Strategy Inclusion: Given their proven effectiveness, this style of creative will be maintained as a core component of our evergreen strategy throughout the year. Their ability to consistently engage and convert makes them a valuable asset in our advertising portfolio.
  3. Exploring Further Potential: We recognize that there is substantial untapped potential in this creative direction. Moving forward, we will keep exploring and optimizing these types of ads to maximize their impact and effectiveness.

Animation Testing Results

Here, we dove into how unconventional animated content has revolutionized audience engagement and comprehension for GrowOya, offering a stimulating visual narrative that educates and captivates viewers, paving the way for enhanced brand communication and product understanding.


  1. Innovative Creatives: The use of animation, although unorthodox, has proven to be particularly intriguing. Animation effectively demonstrates the functionality of GrowOya, providing a clear visual explanation of how it works. This creative approach not only intrigues but also enlightens our audience efficiently.
  2. Future Opportunities: The positive reception to these innovative animated creatives suggests significant prospect for further exploration in this creative direction. We expect that developing and refining these types of animation will enhance engagement and understanding of the product's benefits.

Creator Generated Content Test

Lastly, we explored how strategic implementation of CGC, particularly featuring the resonant hook, "watering made easy," has yielded remarkable engagement with our gardening audience.


  1. Effective Hooks: CGC (Creator Generated Content) creatives featuring the hook “watering made easy” have consistently outperformed   in multiple testing ad sets. This phrase resonates well with our audience, making it crucial to continue leveraging this successful angle in our campaigns.
  2. Engagement with Gardening Audience: Our gardening audiences have shown a genuine interest in learning more about gardening tips and tricks. CGC content has proven to be an effective medium for engaging this demographic, providing them with valuable insights and enhancing their gardening experiences.
  3. Cost Considerations: While CGC and video content are inherently more expensive to deliver – typically costing double in CPM compared to static ads – the increase in cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through rate (CTR) spikes are noteworthy. Despite these costs, we believe these formats are valuable additions to our funnel, especially when scaled.

From crafting evergreen ad creatives to decoding audience engagement through angle tests, our methodology is not just about delivering results – it's about telling a story of sustainable growth. Through strategic recommendations and insightful learnings, we pave the way for brands like GrowOya to scale with confidence.

Because at Pilothouse, success isn't just a destination – it's a journey we embark on together, unlocking new possibilities and realizing untapped potential every step of the way.

“I can't say enough about how grateful we are for the extraordinary value Pilothouse brings to our team. The creative work is the best we've ever had, continuously leveling up our brand. We're indebted and truly appreciate your creativity, positivity, and innovative thinking. A big thank you to the entire team, including everyone behind the scenes.

Joel Marc
Director of Ecommerce @ GrowOya