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Clear Vision, Clear Success: CorneaCare's Journey with Pilothouse to 3595% Revenue Growth

Beauty and
Personal Care
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Year founded


CorneaCare approached Pilothouse shortly after it launched as a new brand, and through our multi-tiered omnichannel strategy, we collaborated to transform CorneaCare into a thriving, industry-defining business.

You brush your teeth and moisturize your skin, but what about your eyes? CorneaCare helps you prioritize your eye care and give your eyes the attention they deserve. Fresh off the ground, CorneaCare approached Pilothouse in search of direction and a strategy to increase efficiency and scale. This case study spans over a year and a half of collaboration, showcasing the journey we undertook together, gradually adding more services as CorneaCare continued to grow. Pilothouse's ecosystem teams provide a focused cross-team leader with direct access to and communication with the actual people running your creative and media all in one place.

All Killer, No Filler

Jamie Bond (Cofounder at RUX) joined Eric Dyck on the DTC Podcast to recap their experience in prepping, testing offers and creative, building a community of creators, and ultimately scaling their business during the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2022.

Check out DTC’s podcast with the RUX and Pilothouse team providing insights and strategies on how we increased YoY revenue and ROAS during Q4. The podcast covers topics such as pilot testing to uncover new audiences, offer testing for optimal performance, lead generation for sales optimization, and turning customers and creators into brand storytellers.

Ecosystem Summary of Results

Gross Revenue increased 

On-site (July 2022 to present)
+ 2,105%
New subscriptions increased
Active subscriptions increased
Increased shipped subscribe and save revenue
Increased subscriber count

The Kickoff

The Kickoff

After establishing itself as a brand in March 2022, CorneaCare began working with Pilothouse in July of that year. At the time, the company's primary focus was on Google. Given budget constraints, they wisely chose not to spread themselves thin across every platform. Instead, they worked with our team to craft a long-term roadmap to success. Recognizing the potential within the Beauty and Personal Care industry, CorneaCare saw Amazon as a promising avenue for their growth but didn’t know where to start on launching an Amazon storefront. In September 2022, they expanded their collaboration with Pilothouse to include Amazon. In just over a year, they brought on Pilothouse's Meta Launchpad team in April 2023, after struggling to find consistency in performance and ROAS with their previous agency. Through this strategic partnership, CorneaCare transformed into a thriving, industry-defining business.

What is Pilothouse’s Meta Launchpad?

The Pilothouse Launchpad Program is geared toward brands that aim to lay the proper foundation to scale their Meta ad accounts long-term. The Launchpad program focuses heavily on building a repeatable system to test angles, creatives, and copy variations. We do all of these using data to guide further decisions, find winners, and scale up campaigns, so long as we are trending toward client goals. It was designed for newer or smaller Meta brands that aren’t ready for full management. We offer multiple tiers of service to meet the unique needs, stages, and budgets of the brands we work with.

The Strategy

Focusing on the middle and bottom of their funnel. We extensively utilized sponsored product ads to reach customers, and segmented their product line to target different groups of new and returning customers. Our team meticulously optimized bids daily to capitalize on high-performing segments, managing over 870 unique campaigns targeting different keywords.

We executed our CRO and SEO strategy to revamp product photos, descriptions, and A+ content, working with our in-house creative team to develop high-performing, visually appealing assets. Our creative and media teams shared insights to develop a successful, data-backed creative strategy that worked in tandem with our media efforts.


Restructuring the ad account

When we first started working with LLUME, we noticed that their account frequency was higher than we’d usually like to see, which can lead to burnout from the audience’s perspective. As a segue into other changes, such as the audience matrix, we adjusted this and then tackled their segmentation and campaigns. 

In order to effectively restructure an ad account, there’s a few key campaigns that Pilothouse utilizes to see where improvements can be made. For LLUME, we decided that an audience matrix, a campaign that we run to test various audiences amongst ad sets with our winning creative formats, would be the best bet to hone in on. One particular winner in our lookalike audience testing was taken off of our client’s giveaway email list alongside success in interest stackers, mainly targeted towards other brands that our ideal consumer would be attracted to.

Optimizing our strategy at the top of the funnel to acquire high-quality leads is a heavy focus that we provide for our clients. The Pilothouse team constantly cycles through different ideas on our client’s audience matrices. For LLUME, our team went as far as testing vacation interest, clothing brand interest, and even finding a winner in makeup brands. Along with other various tests, our focus was to discover new outlets of segmentation that LLUME’s ideal consumer would engage with.

Another issue that Pilothouse’s team assessed was that LLUME’s tracking pixel was over-firing and leading to inaccurate data reporting. We brought in our funnel technicians to identify where the issue was occurring and promptly fixed it. These solutions led to increased accuracy in reporting metrics and ultimately helped the overall ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

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How we did it

Since the nature of LLUME’s products is accessible to most jewelry fanatics, we saw numerous outlets in which they could succeed on the creative front of Pilothouse’s work with them.

To isolate our creative tests and figure out what may work for our client, we decided to start with Pilothouse’s tried-and-tested winning creative formats of green screen video explainers, being that it’s friendly to consumers because it shows vulnerability in the presentation of a product on a more engaging and friendly level, alongside variations of previous top performers. We eventually used the momentum of promotional events, such as LLUME’s Valentine’s Day Sale, to apply those principles to the other product sets that showed promise.

Our creative direction didn’t stop there, as we offered guidance in their promotional efforts, and decided to create dedicated campaigns for each high-performing product in order to scale out winning product creatives into their own campaigns. This tactic is another golden test that Pilothouse offers to their clients as it usually yields positive results. Although this may seem self-explanatory, these efforts allowed LLUME to allocate their resources more effectively, and ultimately result in a higher number of overall sales.

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The Strategy



  • Streamlined campaigns, restructured the account, and optimized budgets for faster learning.

  • Focused efforts on high-performing keywords, resulting in a remarkable 95% increase in revenue quarter to quarter while improving Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).



  • After a successful store launch, we refined the advertising strategy by reducing spend on low-conversion campaigns.

  • We doubled down on top-selling products, implementing aggressive advertising strategies including generic keyword prospecting, competitor targeting, and branded campaigns.

  • The team swiftly identified top-performing campaigns and allocated additional resources, resulting in rapid scaling while maintaining a 3.00+ Total-ROAS.



  • Focused on top-of-funnel (TOF) acquisition to drive traffic while optimizing campaigns on Amazon and Google for middle-of-funnel (MOF) and bottom-of-funnel (BOF) sales.

  • Strategies included new creative testing, creator-generated content (CGC), and review-focused creatives.

  • The outcome led to a 97% increase in ROAS since switching to Pilothouse’s Meta Launchpad team (April–September 2023 results).



High-quality creatives that highlight your product's unique selling features are crucial for Amazon sales. CorneaCare worked with our in-house Studios team to create compelling Amazon listing images that adhered to the platform's strict guidelines. Pilothouse Studios combines creativity with data-driven insights 
to create custom content that fits your unique goals. 

  • Created Amazon listings with compelling Hero Images.

    • Adhered to strict Amazon guidelines for product images while ensuring the content was eye-catching.

  • Innovative approach: Used fresh fruit ingredients to help draw more attention to the images.

  • Purpose: Capture customer attention amidst similar-looking images in search results.

  • Result: Increased traffic to listings, thanks to eye-catching design.

  • Simple yet effective strategy devised by our Creative Marketing team.

  • Check out one of CorneaCare’s top Amazon ->listings notice the blueberries placed right in front of the product…

The Outcome

Scaling and increasing subscription rates were pivotal goals for CorneaCare – objectives that they had struggled with before joining forces with Pilothouse. Their journey with us has been nothing short of remarkable. Through meticulous planning, strategic advertising, and a collaborative spirit, they have achieved unprecedented growth and success, far exceeding their initial expectations. The CorneaCare story serves as a testament to the power of partnership and the remarkable effectiveness of data-driven, creative advertising strategies when executed with precision and expertise. 

Get a Taste of What Our Creative Team Cooked Up for Cornea Care

“The Pilothouse team feels like they are a part of our team, and we haven't been able to say that about other partners before.”

Jovi Boparai
CEO of CorneaCare