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Chasing trends on TikTok is a full-time job in and of itself. Who has the time to do it? Well, we do.

All jokes aside, TikTok is the fastest-growing social traffic source in the world (and it’s not all about dancing anymore). Our team has spent countless hours on the app and cracked the code for successful brand marketing on the platform. Ride the wave with us and take advantage of the app’s unique layout, which draws users in – for an average of 52 minutes a day! Plenty of time for them to “stumble” upon your brand.


2.80 ROAS

First Month Launch

Pure Daily Care


Single-day Revenue (not BFCM).

Big Blanket Co


Lift in Profitable Spend.

"We worked with Pilothouse on developing a new content library (photos & videos) that we could pull from for a variety of channels and platforms. We gave some general guidelines, but ultimately trusted their team with the creative direction and we're so glad we did! They delivered great, on-brand, evergreen assets that are going to be incredibly helpful across all our content needs."

Brooke Taylor

"Driving new customer acquisition with advertising that's authentic to our brand is critical to our long-term success. TikTok's platform and our marketing partner, Pilothouse, have helped us convert prospects into new customers with profitable advertising strategies that drive strong return-on-investment while remaining true to our brand"

Jon Cohen
CMO of Pure Daily Care

Full Scope
TikTok Partner

Everything you need to scale your brand on TikTok:

  • Visual and audio content testing

  • Disruptive top-of-funnel creative

  • Full data management

  • Access to beta features before other brands

  • Access to our dedicated Content Creator network  

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As an eCommerce brand, it would be downright silly not to take advantage of TikTok’s potential for explosive reach. With versatile ad formats, it’s become possible to sustainably engage thousands – nay, millions – of potential customers, using a combination of branded creative and media buying. And while organic content and chasing trends is fun, it's not consistent enough to scale quickly. Our proven content strategy seamlessly blends into the organic feed, pushing conversions, and ensuring results for your brand.

The sky's the limit for what we can do together on TikTok.

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