Amazon’s Marketplace is huge - and can be intimidating for brands that are newer to it. Some like to promise the world and deliver a crumb - but at Pilothouse, Amazon is our game. By tapping into Amazon's huge audience, we're all about fine-tuning your ad campaigns to get you the most visibility and profit possible. It's not just about being part of the game; it's about leading the pack in the digital retail world.

Our know-how covers everything you need for success with Amazon. Whether it's creating eye-catching Amazon video ads, getting the hang of PPC strategies, or making sure your ad campaigns are running at peak efficiency, you’re in the best hands.

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Success We’ve Scaled

Essential Keys to Achieving and Sustaining Success in Scaling Your Business

“The Pilothouse [Amazon] team feels like they are a part of our team, and we haven't been able to say that about other partners before.”

Jovi Boparai, CEO
Cornea Care

"Before Pilothouse our biggest struggle was content output. We're a small, nimble team, always getting pulled in so many different directions, and we weren't able to put out as much content as we wanted. Pilothouse elevated our ability to do that and gave us a new perspective that this is possible."

Emily Chow, Marketing Manager

"We were about 2.5 years in when we partnered with Pilothouse, and we were like, 'Okay, we've tested the fundamentals, we know the product is great, and that our customers love it. But we were struggling with acquiring new customers and having stable campaigns...' It's been wonderful to be like, 'Wow, this is working. It's almost like feelings you didn't let yourself dream about. I didn't imagine it could be this great.'"

Chris Stack, Co-Founder

“Our goal was simply to triple Amazon, and from when Pilothouse joined to today, we've tripled sell-through – we're flying. I don't celebrate often, and we celebrated it… We look at the Pilothouse Amazon team as part of our team. I usually like to rebalance agency relationships every 12-18 months. There's none of that. We're not looking at that at all. It's pretty unique to have someone that you actually trust.”

Rick Cadotte, Head of Growth
Four Sigmatic

Focused on What Really Matters

Mastering Amazon PPC & Sponsored Ads

The key lies in selecting the right keywords for your products, like choosing the correct paths in a maze that leads customers directly to you. Bidding strategies are crucial here; bid too low, and you risk invisibility, bid too high, and your profits might suffer. The balance is in finding the sweet spot where your ad spend translates into optimal visibility and sales. Analyzing campaign performance consistently allows you to adjust your strategies in real time, ensuring your ads are always performing their best.

Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listings

The goal here is to make your products as appealing as possible to potential buyers. High-quality images are not just recommended; they are essential. They allow customers to see exactly what they are buying, reducing hesitation and improving confidence in their purchase decision. A compelling product description does more than just describe; it sells. By incorporating the right keywords naturally, you ensure that your product is discoverable while also persuading customers that your product meets their needs. 

Dominate Amazon

Leveraging Amazon Advertising for Brand Growth

Amazon offers more than just transactional relationships with buyers; it provides a platform for brand building through storytelling. Through Amazon Stores and A+ Content, brands have the opportunity to craft a cohesive narrative that resonates with their target audience. This is about creating an immersive shopping experience that goes beyond individual products and speaks to the broader values and lifestyle your brand represents. Engaging content, consistent branding, and a strategic approach to showcasing your products can turn casual browsers into loyal customers. It’s about creating a world within Amazon where your brand lives and breathes, making customers want to return.

This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Embarking on your Amazon journey with the strategies we've discussed sets a solid foundation, but remember, this is just the beginning. The landscape of Amazon is vast and constantly evolving, offering endless opportunities for growth, innovation, and success. As you continue to navigate the complexities of Amazon, consider partnering with experts who live and breathe this space. At Pilothouse Digital, we’re passionate about helping you dominate the Amazon landscape through expert strategies that achieve impactful results. Together, we can explore the vastness of what Amazon offers, going far beyond the basics to uncover strategies and opportunities that drive real, lasting success - just like we have with many brands.

Remember, what we've covered here is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole world of potential beneath the surface, waiting for those bold enough to dive deep!