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Journee Collection’s BFCM Success: November Drives a Remarkable 56% YoY Revenue Increase

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Journee Collection, a prominent shoe brand, aimed to achieve unprecedented success in the lead-up to Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) during Q4. Learning from past challenges, Journee Collection and Pilothouse sought to set new benchmarks by strategically focusing on a quarter-over-quarter approach rather than a month-over-month strategy.

Summary of Results

Increase in
conversion rate
YoY increase in BFCM
Shopify Revenue
Increase in conversions
on Meta
Increase in TOF ROAS,
maintaining a 2.15 ROAS
Increase in
YoY revenue
Revenue generated on
YouTube at a 4.0 ROAS

The Kickoff

Songfinch approached us for support with their rebranding efforts. As part of the process, we conducted extensive contrast testing to determine the most effective creative styles for their brand. After analyzing customer reactions, it became clear that reaction videos featuring customers capturing their loved ones' reactions to their custom songs were the most impactful. To further enhance the authenticity of the videos, we added captions that provided context and relatability.

Our initial focus was on Tier 1 countries (CAN, US, IRE, UK, NZ, AUS). The testing and refinement process continued until we found the winning creative formula, which we then rolled out globally. To reach even more customers, we added new variables such as music and general interest stackers and created performance-focused landing pages that allowed us to tap into new audiences.

One of the major factors that contributed to our success was the feedback loop we established with customers. This loop encouraged them to capture genuine reactions and submit their video content, which allowed us to test and scale our approach quickly. As a result, we were able to achieve enormous success in just the first three weeks of our global rollout.

The Strategy


Efficient RTG Pool Building in October:

Recognizing the need for a strong foundation, Journee Collection and Pilothouse concentrated efforts in October on cold Top of Funnel (TOF) traffic to fill Return to Growth (RTG) pools. The emphasis was on avoiding promotions that could compromise RTG pools. Rigorous testing of angles, creative styles, and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) took place to identify the most impactful strategies for November.


Strategic Non-Promotional Approach in October:

Despite an expected YoY revenue decrease of 30% in October due to a non-promotional approach, confidence in high-scale campaigns (spending 5-figures/day) set the stage for a robust November. The focus on building RTG audiences in October laid the groundwork for a successful BFCM period.


BFCM Sales Launch and Budget Surge in November:

With a well-prepared RTG audience, Journee Collection and Pilothouse executed an aggressive budget surge during the BFCM sales period in November. The efforts resulted in the brand's biggest day in company history on Black Friday, achieving a remarkable 52% MoM revenue increase in November compared to October. Moreover, November witnessed a notable 56% YoY increase in revenue.

The strategy

TikTok was the perfect platform for Songfinch to showcase its emotional custom songwriting service. The unique and genuine reaction videos resonated with the TikTok community, leading to a significant increase in revenue and conversions.

In the first 30 days, Songfinch's revenue grew from $0 to $250,000 on the platform and they gained 3,500 conversions in the first three months.

The success on TikTok allowed us to quickly test and optimize for different audiences and matrixes.

One of the goals was to increase the top-of-funnel revenue while maintaining the efficiency of the account. We split-tested ad copy, used high-intent keywords and segmented top-of-funnel search campaigns to maximize click-through rates. We also expanded our reach to English-speaking countries outside the US, including  Australia, the UK, and Canada, before eventually expanding across Europe.

We pioneered new performance-based audience targeting strategies that brought in a mix of top and bottom-of-funnel traffic that was both cheaper and higher intent than the average. This was complemented by comprehensive YouTube retargeting that showcased tailored advertisements based on users' positions in the funnel.

As a result of these efforts, Songfinch saw a 333% YoY increase in in-platform revenue, generating $6.9 million at a 4.82 return on ad spend.



Record-breaking BFCM Performance:

The strategic planning and execution by Pilothouse and Journee Collection culminated in the brand's biggest day ever on Black Friday, showcasing a 52% revenue increase MoM in November compared to October.


YoY Revenue Growth:

The collaboration yielded a significant 56% YoY increase in revenue for November, emphasizing the success of the quarter-over-quarter approach.


Overall YoY Revenue Increase:

October and November together saw a commendable 6% YoY increase in revenue, reinforcing the effectiveness of the strategy employed by Journee Collection and Pilothouse.


Journee Collection's triumph in the BFCM period is a testament to the strategic partnership between the brand and Pilothouse. By adopting a quarter-over-quarter approach, focusing on efficient RTG pool building, and executing a well-timed promotional strategy, Journee Collection not only surpassed its own records but also achieved substantial year-over-year growth. The success story highlights the importance of a collaborative and strategic approach in navigating the challenges of the highly competitive holiday sales season.

We thought we were hitting our biggest peaks, but every single month has been the best month ever! We've been able to hit $3M in a single month, which was a big goal for us.

Ashley Gonzalez
VP of Growth