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Cooking Up Success: How Pilothouse and Hestan's Strategy Ignites a 78% Net Sales Surge and 139% Increase in Orders

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Hestan, a leading cookware brand renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Specializing in high-end kitchen essentials, Hestan provides chef-approved cookware to elevate home cooking.

Hestan came to Pilothouse looking to optimize their digital marketing strategy to boost online visibility, engage a broader audience, and increase sales. This case study outlines the collaborative journey between Hestan and Pilothouse.

All Killer, No Filler

Jamie Bond (Cofounder at RUX) joined Eric Dyck on the DTC Podcast to recap their experience in prepping, testing offers and creative, building a community of creators, and ultimately scaling their business during the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2022.

Check out DTC’s podcast with the RUX and Pilothouse team providing insights and strategies on how we increased YoY revenue and ROAS during Q4. The podcast covers topics such as pilot testing to uncover new audiences, offer testing for optimal performance, lead generation for sales optimization, and turning customers and creators into brand storytellers.

Summary of Results

The following growth was concurrent with a 6% decline in Hestan’s Returning Customer Rate (RCR).This significant year-over-year expansion highlights our deliberate emphasis on acquiring new customers.
Increase in Net Sales, meaning Pilothouse nearly doubled their repetition.


Before and after Pilothouse results (December 2022 - December 2023):
Increase net sales
Increase in orders
Increase in CVR
Increase in link click
Decrease in CPC
The Pilothouse team drove more efficient traffic while scaling up significantly YoY and reducing Hestan’s overall CPA
Increase to spend
Increase to conversions
Increase to revenue
Reduced CPA
Link clicks increase
Decrease in CPC

Black Friday:

Increase in net sales during the Black Friday period
Increase in online sessions over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend
Increase in net sales for November
Surge in orderfor November

The Strategy

Pilothouse crafted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to Hestan's unique needs:

Channel Focus:

Leveraged Meta, Email/SMS, and Google platforms to reach a diverse audience.

  • This effort and approach spanned a year, as an ongoing effort to grow Hestan’s first time customer base so we could leverage retargeting those customers during Q4 where we achieved significant growth.
  • More specifically, the team ran a higher efficiency in October as they knew first time customers were more likely to make a second purchase in November/December.

Creative Optimization:

Developed engaging creatives highlighting exclusive Black Friday deals and showcasing Hestan's premium cookware.


Performance Monitoring:

We vigilantly kept an eye over the performance of our strategy, making real-time adjustments based on performance data. This proactive approach was particularly crucial during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, where continuous monitoring ensured optimal campaign performance.


Warpdrive (Pilothouse’s proprietary CRO and page speed optimization platform):

Our ability to split test and reroute traffic to different landing pages based on real-time performance was a game-changer. This dynamic approach allowed us to maximize the effectiveness of our post-click efforts, adapting quickly to the evolving landscape.

This multifaceted strategy, characterized by a year-round approach, targeted creativity, vigilant performance monitoring, and dynamic traffic optimization, played a pivotal role in achieving the remarkable outcomes for Hestan.

The Outcome

The success story of Hestan and Pilothouse is rooted in a combination of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Pilothouse's commitment to rigorous testing, strategic alignment, consistent communication, and a daring approach to creative development went beyond meeting Hestan's goals—it exceeded them.

Our tailored campaigns and creative optimization resulted in significant year-over-year growth and a triumphant Black Friday, shining a spotlight on Hestan's premium cookware and driving substantial revenue.

Since joining forces with Pilothouse in December 2022:

  • Net Sales increased by an impressive 78%
  • Orders saw an incredible 139% increase
  • Conversion Rate (CVR) increased by a remarkable 32%
  • The Returning Customer Rate (RCR) dipped by 6%, emphasizing a strategic focus on new customer acquisition

Comparing to the previous year's 40% growth in Net Sales, Pilothouse nearly doubled Hestan's growth, showcasing the impact of our collaboration.

Digging into Meta, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Meta spend saw an outstanding 223% increase
  • Conversions soared by 430%
  • Conversion Rate (CVR) increased by a remarkable 32%
  • Revenue witnessed an impressive 233% surge
  • And here's the kicker: our Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) dropped by approximately 40%

But it's not just about the big numbers; it's about efficiency too. Link clicks surged by almost 400%, while Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) decreased by 32%.

The Pilothouse team not only scaled up traffic significantly year-over-year but did so efficiently, reducing Hestan's overall CPA.


Ultimately, the numbers tell a compelling story of growth, efficiency, and a partnership that not only met expectations but far surpassed them. The Hestan and Pilothouse journey is a testament to what happens when strategy, creativity, and dedication come together to cook up something extraordinary.

The key drivers of this success included Pilothouse's rigorous testing initiatives, strategic alignment, consistent communication, a commitment to continuous improvement in performance, and a boundary-pushing approach to creative development. Pilothouse's strategic approach not only met but exceeded Hestan's goals. The tailored campaigns and creative optimization resulted in a significant YoY growth and Black Friday success, showcasing the brand's premium cookware and driving substantial revenue.