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Circulon: Record-breaking performance throughout Black Friday And Cyber Monday

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Circulon, a distinguished premium cookware brand, celebrated extraordinary success during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) period. Leveraging Pilothouse's strategic expertise, Circulon achieved record-breaking performance and secured three consecutive days of unparalleled sales. Notably, the collaboration led to a remarkable surge, with Circulon increasing its original all-time high net sales record by an impressive 332%. This case study explores the symbiotic partnership between Pilothouse and Circulon, unravelling the strategies and results that propelled Circulon to unprecedented heights this BFCM.

All Killer, No Filler

Jamie Bond (Cofounder at RUX) joined Eric Dyck on the DTC Podcast to recap their experience in prepping, testing offers and creative, building a community of creators, and ultimately scaling their business during the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2022.

Check out DTC’s podcast with the RUX and Pilothouse team providing insights and strategies on how we increased YoY revenue and ROAS during Q4. The podcast covers topics such as pilot testing to uncover new audiences, offer testing for optimal performance, lead generation for sales optimization, and turning customers and creators into brand storytellers.

Summary of Results

YoY surge in purchase volume
YoY revenue increase 
YoY average order value
(AOV) growth
YoY ROAS increase at a
Significantly larger scale 
Increased shipped subscribe and save revenue
Increased subscriber count

Ecosystem Results

Increase in ecosystem sales
YoY during the Black Friday
And Cyber Monday period.
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Meta Strategy



Increase ad spend on conversion-based Top-of-Funnel (TOF) campaigns to prepare for the high-intent sales period.



Leveraged a 38% increase in ad spend leading up to Black Friday. The goal was to saturate the funnel for Retargeting (RTG) during the peak shopping week, enabling effective retargeting with the best offer of the year.



This proven strategy, although impacting short-term channel efficiency, demonstrated substantial gains when the Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns were initiated.

Thoughts & Learnings

  • The simplicity of the strategy underscores its effectiveness for future sales initiatives beyond Q4 and BFCM.
  • Focusing on Top-of-Funnel campaigns with conversion-based objectives successfully filled the sales funnel with high-purchase-intent audiences leading into crucial sales periods.
  • This strategy not only propelled Circulon to unprecedented levels of scale but also facilitated the breaking of net sales records on three consecutive days. A powerful approach for sustained success in future sales endeavors.

The Kickoff

The Kickoff

After establishing itself as a brand in March 2022, CorneaCare began working with Pilothouse in July of that year. At the time, the company's primary focus was on Google. Given budget constraints, they wisely chose not to spread themselves thin across every platform. Instead, they worked with our team to craft a long-term roadmap to success. Recognizing the potential within the Beauty and Personal Care industry, CorneaCare saw Amazon as a promising avenue for their growth but didn’t know where to start on launching an Amazon storefront. In September 2022, they expanded their collaboration with Pilothouse to include Amazon. In just over a year, they brought on Pilothouse's Meta Launchpad team in April 2023, after struggling to find consistency in performance and ROAS with their previous agency. Through this strategic partnership, CorneaCare transformed into a thriving, industry-defining business.

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“The Pilothouse team feels like they are a part of our team, and we haven't been able to say that about other partners before.”

Jovi Boparai
CEO of CorneaCare