👉 This is the most important Q4 in recent years. Is your business ready?

When Q4 is successful, many of our clients make up to 50% of their total annual revenue in just ~2.5 months. 👀

One of our clients made 8x on their avg. daily revenue on Prime Day, and there’s another one coming up in October you should be ready for…

Let’s approach the thrilling fourth quarter of the year fully equipped.

Don’t Miss These Dates Over the Shopping Season 📝 

🎃 October:

  • Amazon Prime Big Deal Days (Estimated Oct. 10–11)
  • Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct. 9)
  • Halloween (Oct. 31)

🦃 November:

  • Early Access BF/CM (Nov. 20–23 – may vary)
  • US Thanksgiving (Nov. 23)
  • Black Friday (Nov. 24)
  • Cyber Monday (Nov. 27)

🎄 December:

  • Boxing Day – Canada and the UK (Dec. 27)
  • “Q5” (Dec. 26–31) – Q5, or the ‘hidden quarter’ for digital advertising, as CPMs tend to drop from Christmas Day and typically stay low until the first or second week of January.

🍾 January:

  • “New Year, New You” (Jan. 1–Jan. 30) – Although officially outside of Q4, it’s an easy time to maintain the momentum into the new year. Update your product descriptions and sales messaging so that they’re aligned with helping those who want to better themselves and show how your offer can benefit them.

A Checklist of Things to Prep For ✍️

🤔 Reflect on what has worked well for you in past Q4 seasons and what hasn't.

👉 Utilize these insights to guide your future Q4 strategy. Keep what worked, and optimize everything else.

📦 Streamline your inventory management process and avoid disappointments.
👉 Do these to meet your sales objectives and hit targets.

📆 Determine the specific dates for your sales events.

👉 This will help you prepare and synchronize your marketing campaigns effectively. 

⏰ Have a clear understanding of your planned promotions, including specific dates, offer details, and the channels you intend to utilize.

👉 This information will be instrumental in shaping your marketing approach. Q4 is a great time to “blow out” any old inventory using promotions.

📈 Discover effective list-building strategies leading up to Q4.

👉 Here are a couple of strategies that you can implement today:

Giveaways: Utilize giveaways to expand your email lists for retargeting pools before (and during) Q4 to effectively broaden your reach of warm prospects for when you decide to drop your promos.

BF/CM VIP Promo: Run a Black Friday/Cyber Monday VIP promotion where customers sign up for early access from September through November. Use this promo to build anticipation and test your angles ahead of BF/CM. 

📩 Craft a solid email/retention follow-up strategy.

👉 This will enable you to deliver branded experiences, boost conversions, and monetize your lists throughout Q4 and beyond. Get in touch if you’d like a free review of your Klaviyo account to ensure you’re set up for success.

👀 Align your on-page communication for every promotion date.

👉 This includes optimizing your website, strategically placing promotional messaging, and creating branded content that connects your customers to your offers.

✍️ Decide whether your sales offers will be auto-applied or if customers will need a promo code. 

👉 Bundling products is a great way to get your average order up so that discounting is still profitable.

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