👉 Are you using these creator ad strategies?

Leverage our “Lo-fi” content to jack your earnings on every click

What the Heck is “Lo-fi” Content?

Meta (finally) announced that quick, edgy, and real human content should be a PRIORITY in your ad strategy, formally dubbing it as “Lo-fi.” The good news is that we’ve known this for over a decade, and it’s been a part of our media mix on every brand that allows it.

High-end advertisements communicate trust, right? Well...

Not as much as they used to.

Without creator-generated content, your brand falls flat, and the algorithm won’t fetch the data it needs to get your CPMs down so you can scale.

NOTE: Polished, branded content is also important, and we make loads of it for brands like yours.

Here are Some “Lo-fi'' Creator Quick Wins 

Featuring Fuse Lenses, one of our many clients who’ve found success in working with our creator team.

Angle #1: In Nature - Outdoors & On-the-Go ⛺️

Spend: $416
ROAS: 3.54

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Angle #2: Behind the Scenes - CEO Tattoo 🤯

Spend: $335

ROAS:  4.12

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