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Creator Generated Content

Check out these creator ads that crushed it for our client!

Product Comparison

Based on a previous winning ad, the goal was to highlight the key USPs of Circulon’s product and position it as the superior product. This was achieved by using a side-by-side comparison, without directly naming the competitor, to make it easy for viewers to visually see and understand the differences.


3 Reasons Why

Following a tried and true format, this 3 Reasons Why style video showcases a dynamic range of clips; both product-focused b-roll and lifestyle clips to engage and educate viewers.

Big Blanket

Series Video

The goal was to make this feel like part of a “series” to sell viewers on the product by leveraging social proof and making it easier for them to visualize the product in their lifestyle. The includes of quick cuts, motion, and clear product shots help to keep the viewer engaged.


Silent Review

The goal was to make this ad feel natural and organic to the platform so our team hopped on a recent trend – Silent Reviews. Facial expressions are key to portraying the right message and keeping the viewer engaged.



The objective of the content was to craft an aspirational video promoting Meermin as a superior and essential product. This was achieved by highlighting the exceptional quality of Meermin products and emphasizing the idea that making the switch to Meermin is a “necessity”.


Product Demo

The Whisper hook is a great way to disrupt the scroll and engage viewers in a new way. Quietly noting its key product features and unique selling points creates intrigue, and then leaves the door open to provide a comprehensive review and product demo.

Purple Carrot


The objective is to promote Purple Carrot's New Year promo, highlighting how their meal kits can assist the audience in achieving healthier eating goals. The ad incorporates a swift cooking demo and close-up shots of the food to effectively convey the message of convenience and health.

Credit Genie

Negative Hook

The content aimed to employ an anti-hook strategy by initially dismissing the Credit Genie app as a joke, then transitioning into a positive endorsement, elucidating how the app proved effective for the creator. This unconventional approach uses content to disrupt the scroll and grab the viewer’s attention.


Valentine’s Day

The hook adopts a scrappy yet attention-grabbing approach in crafting an ad specifically targeting men. The ultimate goal is to encourage women to share the ad with their partners, positioning LLUME as the ideal gift choice. This strategy aims to leverage a raw and compelling appeal to resonate with the target audience while emphasizing the product's suitability as a thoughtful gift.

Studio Production

Our production team really nailed it this month with their creative work.

Production Content

The goal for Beam was to capture alluring new content that would also highlight the flavor profiles of the product. This was achieved by arranging complementary food props throughout the content. For example, in the flat lay image, we staged green mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone and sprinkled chocolate shavings around the bag and drink to perfectly embody the mint chip flavor.

Chamberlain Coffee

Stop Motion

The goal for Chamberlain was to create a fun and creative demo video. By filming the video as a Stop Motion, we were able to add intriguing visuals, showcasing the drink filling up with just the snap of a finger. The addition of sound not only adds an element of interest but also helps to keep the viewer engaged.


Holiday Product Content

The objective for this content was to create visually captivating lifestyle photographs and videos for eBags, with a fall evergreen theme. Lifestyle content is a powerful tool to help viewers envision how the product works and how it can be incorporated into their everyday lives. The goal was successfully achieved through the thoughtful planning of sets and outfits before the shoot and clear communication and coordination with the model.

a baby crib with presents in it next to a christmas tree

Production Content

The main objective of this shoot was to capture lifestyle-oriented video content, showcasing the product within everyday life. The combination of lively music, smooth transitions, and a variety of camera angles contributed to the captivating and fun nature of these videos.

Ad Creative

Optimized using data from 100+ active clients, our performance creative team designs ads that are made to sell!


Testimonial/Review angles are a top performer for many accounts as the social proof is very helpful in getting the audience’s engagement. To achieve this, we strategically selected positive reviews and images that showcase the product in an appealing way.



Using badges is a unique way to present product features and benefits. In this case, we found clean imagery that showcased the product and custom-designed badges to suit the brand’s aesthetic.

Tru Earth

Then vs. Now

The goal for this ad was to position Tru Earth Laundry Strips as a superior product by showcasing a typical laundry day using liquid detergent versus True Earth's Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips. Seeing the scenes side by side makes the benefits easy for viewers to grasp the benefits without explicitly being told.



The goal for these ads was to create a fast-paced, yet creative showcase of Reef’s product. This ‘collage’ editing style uses a mix of product photos, videos, and other moving elements to create a dynamic video that keeps the viewer engaged and builds excitement around the product.

Chamberlain Coffee

Zodiac Product Highlights

The objective is to showcase Chamberlain Coffee's diverse appeal by pairing each product with zodiac signs/personalities in a quirky illustration style, resonating with the brand's audience. This approach aims to convey that Chamberlain Coffee has the ideal beverage for everyone, employing engaging visuals and personality connections.



The goal for these ads was to create a fast-paced, yet creative showcase of Reef’s product. This ‘collage’ editing style uses a mix of product photos, videos, and other moving elements to create a dynamic video that keeps the viewer engaged and builds excitement around the product.


Product Explainer

The goal of this ad was to emphasize the superiority of a physical photo book over digital scrolling by showcasing the simplicity of creating a photobook. The product shots, b-roll, and website content walk the viewer through the process, making it easy for them to understand the tangible benefits of the service.


Product Demo

This is a great example of how content can be reworked to create new ads for various channels. This started as a long-form CGC product demo, but with a little editing magic, fun transitions, and unique text overlays, it becomes a short, engaging, and educational video for Amazon.