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Time's Ticking: How Pilothouse Helped March Hare Watches Increase their  Shopify Net Sales 221%

Company Size
New York
Year founded


March Hare Watches, a New York-based watch brand founded by two sisters in November 2021, is dedicated to offering sophisticated timepieces at an accessible price point. Combining timeless elegance with modern design, March Hare Watches aims to redefine luxury for the contemporary consumer. When March Hare Watches partnered with Pilothouse, their objectives were clear: drive online sales and maintain a cost-effective customer acquisition strategy. March Hare Watches sought to expand their digital footprint while maximizing return on investment.

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Black Friday:

Increase in net sales during the Black Friday period
Increase in online sessions over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend
Increase in net sales for November
Surge in orderfor November

The Strategy

As a newer and smaller brand, March Hare Watches made the strategic decision to partner with us for our Meta Launchpad program. This unique program is tailored for brands aiming to establish a solid foundation for scaling their Meta ad accounts in the long term. Through the Launchpad program, we focus on building a repeatable system to test angles, creatives, and copy variations, all guided by data-driven insights. The goal is to identify winning strategies, optimize campaigns, and scale efficiently towards client goals. Designed specifically for newer or smaller Meta brands that may not be ready for full management, the Launchpad program offers multiple tiers of service to meet the unique needs, stages, and budgets of the brands we serve.


Ad Copy and Creative Testing:

Pilothouse conducted extensive testing of ad copies and creatives to pinpoint the most compelling messaging and visuals. Highlighting the brand's distinctive price point and elegant designs, the team crafted persuasive ad copies to attract and engage potential customers.


Targeting Strategies and Account Structure:

To optimize campaign performance, Pilothouse implemented diversified targeting strategies and revamped the ad account structure. Leveraging ADV+ campaigns with proven creative winners, the team accelerated pixel learning and enhanced ad performance.


Utilization of Topical Sales:

Pilothouse capitalized on seasonal and topical sales events such as Mother’s Day and Pre-Sale to drive engagement and conversions. By aligning marketing efforts with consumer behavior patterns, the team maximized sales opportunities and expedited pixel training.


Focus on Top Product, March Hare Watch:

Recognizing the significance of March Hare Watches' flagship product, the team directed focused creative efforts towards showcasing the March Hare Watch. This strategic approach aimed to increase brand awareness and drive sales of the flagship timepiece.

The Results

  • 221% Increase YoY in Shopify Net Sales: Through strategic marketing initiatives, March Hare Watches experienced a significant surge in online sales within the Shopify ecosystem, demonstrating the effectiveness of
the implemented strategies.
  • 142% Increase in BFCM YoY in Shopify Net Sales: During the crucial Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) period, March Hare Watches achieved a remarkable increase in sales compared to the previous year, highlighting
the success of the marketing efforts during this high-demand period.
  • 57.45% Reduction in Meta CPA YoY: Pilothouse's strategic optimizations led to a substantial reduction in Meta CPA year over year, showcasing enhanced efficiency in customer acquisition and ad spend allocation.


Through meticulous ad copy and creative testing, strategic campaign structuring, and leveraging seasonal sales events, Pilothouse empowered March Hare Watches to achieve remarkable growth in online sales while maintaining a cost-effective marketing approach. By strategically positioning the March Hare Watch and understanding the nuances of their target audience, Pilothouse facilitated March Hare Watches' journey towards establishing a strong and sustainable online presence in the competitive watch industry.