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User-Generated Content builds trust in your products, loyalty for your brand, and adds authenticity to your ad campaigns.

Our work

People experience products and services through the social proof of UGC content. We match content creators to your unique customer avatars, creating a relatable experience that drives purchases.

Finer Form

User-generated content can come in many forms! Here, we've used a split-screen approach that showcases the user, the product, and the product's name all at the same time.

Group Greeting

UGC Content can add personality to your brands and show an emotional appeal that connects with your audience. Viewers experience your product through the eyes of the influencer

Galaxy Lamps

As high as 85% of social media users browse their apps with sound off. UGC can capture the attention of potential customers in many ways!


Unboxing videos are a great way to show consumers exactly what your product is - no surprises! They'll know what to expect because they've seen it used by an everyday user.

Snow has the best teeth whitening kits on the market, check them out!

Full-service UGC recruitment and management

All you have to do is ship the products.

Activate organic UGC

Customers are talking about your brand. We leverage social media and email campaigns to activate your current customers into UGC creators. Hashtags and other tools allow us to find relevant and popular customer-creators in your space – the UGC they make for you is organic, trustworthy advertising that’s naturally targeted to an audience interested in your products.

Pilothouse content creators network

The most important feature of UGC is that it resonates with your target market. We can effectively match creators to your customer avatars and work with them to create natural content. We can identify the right type of content and creator for all steps of your marketing funnel. When content resonates like this, it will convert in your ads.
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What our clients have to say

Pilothouse supercharged our UGC content. They were able to deliver not only high quality content from influencers that connect with our brand, but they did so at very reasonable rates that fit within our budget. I’ve used a few other UGC platforms before, and Pilothouse wins hands down on quality and price - you can’t ask for more!

Anthony |  CEO of GroupGreeting

Your brand, their perspective

We reverse engineer UGC content creation, starting with your goals. Deep integration with our creative team allows us to create conversion-oriented UGC content. With our data-driven approach to creative, we are constantly taking our learning about your audience and iterating on the winners.

Brand ambassadors

Matching your brand with content creators who share similar values and disseminate similar messaging is crucial. We test different segments of your audience, identifying profiles that convert your viewers into customers, and then we step it up to scale. The goal is to provide your business long term brand ambassadors who will expand your audience through whitelisting and dark-posting.

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