In the early stages Pilothouse decided to focus on growing their auto insurance vertical first and then take learnings to other insurance verticals, home, life, health, and medicare.

This meant integrating our strategies with Ratefu’s call center/sales team to figure out what we could gather online versus the call. By doing this we were also able to improve the real-time yield of leads generated, focusing on monetization and proactive comment moderation.

Media buying.

Our approach was to use heavily segmented audiences at scale utilizing multiple pixels to optimize towards very specific quality points. We used front to back analytics to optimize campaigns, not only front end metrics but user LTV on multiple channels. Taking the learnings from one vertical to the next, optimizing along the way.


We focused early on creative as we wanted to see optimal front end metrics, and with vigorous testing we found UGC content to resonate the best with prospective clients. The next opportunity was to work with the client to optimize their customer journey through testing many different onboarding flows, keeping in mind the need to balance the amount of information needed from the customer to find the best solution. We then took this winning copy and creative and launched it at scale, monitoring it daily and reinvigorating it with new creative frequently.



Increased CVR


Decrease in average CPL


Qualified leads

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