Look After My Bills

This is Look After My Bills, the UK-based free subscription service that saves users money by automatically switching their utilities providers to the best deals. Here’s how we helped them scale to the moon!


After scoring an impressive deal on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Look After My Bills knew it was time to scale! Their huge deal on the show was impressive and acted as a great jumping-off point, but business deals and cashflow don’t translate directly into customer acquisition.

Pain points

  • Define brand image & enhance brand trust
  • Enhance digital footprint & engage new audiences
  • Lower CPA

That’s where we come in

We launched a sophisticated paid media funnel to ensure each lead saw multiple touch points along the customer journey. We tested and iterated every aspect of our funnel to maximize efficiency, both improving the lead journey and allowing for profitable scaling.


  • Launch evergreen retargeting funnel to maximize leads
  • Test and iterate every aspect of the funnel as it was evolving
  • Develop creative content that prospected well at scale
  • Leverage email campaigns to pick up leads that didn’t originally convert

Media buying strategy:

We started with a very broad target market at scale, keeping our focus was on creative, our angles, and testing landing pages. With this in mind, we did the following:

  • Implemented various surf-style techniques, which allowed us to scale campaigns in real time
  • Used unique stop-loss methods to mitigate damage during performance turnarounds
  • Launched full-funnel tests weekly, enabling us to narrow our campaigns to contain only the most efficient components
  • Introduced promotions to incentivize signups and email registrations
  • Expanded to multiple channels, diversifying ad spend through 3rd party accounts and brand build-outs
  • Continually pushed out new content daily to keep campaigns energized and fresh

We got creative:

In 8 months, we have launched over 700 unique creative variations, content, headlines, CTA’s, and more in over 16 placements. We worked with Look After My Bills to photograph, film, build, and launch new content with one goal in mind: signups. Our creative team then started testing with our internal testing engine. We split tested our funnels, our custom-built pages, and our homepage copy to push for new benchmarks.



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