Look After My Bills

“The Pilothouse team are absolute legends.”

- Henry de Zoete | Co-Founder of Look After My Bills.


From the onset we launched a sophisticated evergreen retargeting funnel to ensure each lead saw multiple touchpoints along the customer journey. We then shifted to finding creative that allowed us to prospect profitably at scale. 

Once accomplished we tested and iterated every aspect of our funnel to maximize efficiency. Lastly we began to leverage their email campaigns to pick up leads that did not convert on the first few touchpoints.

Media Buying.

We started with a very broad target market at scale with the exception of a few key audiences, the focus being on creative, angle, and landing page testing. We then implemented various surf-style techniques to scale campaigns in real time and used unique stop-loss methods to mitigate damage during performance turnarounds. This approach allowed us to scale extremely quickly and hit the clients acquisition targets.

When it comes to scaling we become a full on testing machine, launching full funnel tests weekly. This enabled us to narrow in our campaigns to contain only the most efficient creatives, angles and landing pages. We then introduced various promotions to incentivise signups and email registrations at scale. Expanding to multiple channels, using 3rd party accounts and brand build outs allowed us to diversify our ad spend and success. While continually pushing out new content daily to keep campaigns energized and fresh.


Sometimes size does matter. When tasked with testing creatives for such a large audience, scale is the name of the game. In 8 months, we have launched over 700 unique creative variations, content, headlines, CTA’s, etc... in over 16  placements. 

We really believe in strong collaboration and have a shared Slack Channel dedicated to our crazy ideas. We worked with the Look After My Bills team to photograph, film, build, and launch new content with one goal in mind, signups. Our creative team then took testing one step further, using our internal testing software, we split tested funnels, custom-built pages, and homepage copy to push for new benchmarks. With a reach over 22M people, our creative team’s approach helped reduce CPC by 3x while increasing CTR 4x. 



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