Initially we focused on growing sales by leveraging JBW’s “diamond watches at low prices” value proposition. After achieving some early success we moved towards elevating the brand. We did this by promoting more brand focused creatives paired with higher ticket value products which substantially increased the AOV. 

We then started introducing cheap prospecting (profitably) that led users into an in-depth retargeting funnel that addressed any concerns they may have had, quality, price, reviews, return policies, shipping etc… Lastly, we took advantage of JBW’s existing social media audience, leveraging their connections with impactful influencers to accelerate growth.

Media Buying.

We started by building a complex funnel, where potential customers saw a multitude of unique content throughout their journey, including many creative styles, landing pages, offers etc… We then took our learnings and made a successful funnel that prospects profitably at very low front end costs, (CPCs and CPM’s) then retargeted users based on depth of funnel, time, products viewed etc...in order to convert them.

We also found great success prospecting with promo focused creatives, and retargeting with content that elevates the brand, while using whitelisted influencer IG/FB accounts. This allowed us to run their posts about JBW as ads on the platform helping throttle our retargeting. We also utilized influencer collaborations to boost our FB lead generation and conversion campaign.

Lastly we deployed post purchase retargeting focusing on customer service, reordering and warranty awareness.


Constant creative testing uncovered that closeups of the product, whether in a video or image worked best on FB, and that multiple products in the creative worked better than just one. All placements were tested and customized so we could take advantage of all FB ad real estate. We held frequent creative brainstorm sessions to come up with the next angle we’d like to test with rapid creative deployment.

We used messenger ads and manychat bots to build a list of over 6000 users. We tested a variety of polished and more scrappy styles to narrow in on what worked best for specific audiences. We leveraged multiple influencers for creative and promotional collaborations.





Facebook ad revenue


Increase in average cart value


New customers acquired

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