The Evolution of 3PL with Hook Logistics

November 20, 2020

Next up on the pod, we’re talking 3PL with Fraser Kinsley, CEO of Hook Logistics and Jacob Sussman, Head of Marketing.

Hook knows that logistics and fulfillment can be a full-on nightmarescape, and they are here to help with DTC-friendly solutions.

We talk about their origin story, building brand voice, and the future of fulfillment on this logistics-focused pod.

Here are key takeaways:

🗝  Meet your customers where they’re at

Hook was built after recognizing that fulfillment infrastructure was geared for a different kind of commerce than the DTC market required.

Seeing the void in the market, they custom-built Hook’s fulfillment services specifically for DTC, optimizing their systems for the new reality of ecommerce. They articulated specific areas where legacy 3PL systems weren’t meeting DTC needs and customized their offerings for DTC by providing integration with ecommerce platforms, reporting for inventory management, and transparent single-fee rates facilitating consistent month to month forecasting.

🗝  Separate your brand from the pack

Again seeking to distance themselves from the dusty legacy brands of the 3PL market, Hook looked for a brand voice that was totally outside the industrial feel of standard 3PL websites.

Knowing they were pursuing DTC business, they emulated the DTC feel with a casual, warm, and personable tone common amongst consumer brands.
The Hook brand is very approachable and accessible - setting them apart from other 3PL brands and situating them within the DTC space.

🗝  The key to good copy

You need to spend a lot of time with your language. Read it out loud over and over again until it sounds great.
Will you sound a little deranged? Yes. Does the tactic work? Also yes.

You want your coworkers to wonder whether you’re checking copy or hexing of the office under your breath - keep them on their toes, ya know?

🗝  DTC is here to stay

From where these fulfillment experts are sitting, there will always be a need for direct to consumer. While COVID accelerated the need,  this change was imminent and accelerated 10 or 20x by the pandemic.

🗝  The future of DTC

The Hook guys are keeping an eye on same-day delivery services as speed of delivery becomes increasingly important for DTC brands, especially in bigger cities.

If you’re a staple product that people use consistently, you need to think about how you’re competing with whales. Amazon has set the gold start shipping standard with Prime, but unless you’re a luxury product, you can’t keep up with that standard of fulfillment.

It’s time to think about how you will compete and stand out. Are you more interesting? Are you fostering a deep connection with your community? Do you have innovative distribution? Find your thing, and lean in.

Take a listen to the full pod for a behind the scenes peek at how the Hook team is re-imagining 3PL for the DTC market.

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