Supplements in 2020: Stand Out, Scale Up, and Save the Bees with Microbe Formulas' Dave Huffman

July 28, 2020

Going from $15M to $50M, and from 1 - 15 in a marketing department is a tall order for any marketer.  After turning down the job multiple times Dave Huffman came up with a plan.

This podcast with Dave Huffman from Microbe Formulas answers 2 MASSIVE questions for any entreprenuer.

① How to truly differentiate within your niche?

② How to structure your highest level strategy in a way that auto-manages your team?

🐝 Bonus: How Microbe might just be able to save the bees.

Any real ones, know these are big ones.

This cast is full of massive valuebombs along with these:

📦 Free plus shipping still killing

📦 Sitewide promo strategyGrowing from 1-15 employees in 3 months

📦 Marketing the delivery mechanism as a differentiator📦 Registration path traffic

📦 Best video editing software📦 Podcasts as Flux Capacitor for your content marketing

📦 The strategic formula that sorts your team out

📦 KOLBE Assessment for team building based on action taking

This cast was just insanely valuable. I can't wait to break it down further in an upcoming DTC Newsletter.

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