SuperCoffee's Jim DiCicco $80M CPG Business

June 10, 2020

🔥🪑 Hot Seat #7 - SuperCoffee's Jim DiCicco

Today we follow Jim, CEO and the eldest of three DiCicco as he lays out the SuperCoffee story.

Started in a dorm room from ingredients on hand, and now on thousands of store shelves across the country, and trending towards 9 figures of sales. The product fills the need of providing energy for millions of Americans without being sweet.

Jim's "inch wide, mile deep" methodology was built from pounding the pavement and sampling his product around the country, building out markets one store at a time. Jim goes deep on what it takes to build a company to this level, touching on fundraising, team culture building, and how to use Shark Tank to fuel your fundraising and your marketing.

03:24 - SuperCoffee Origin story

06:00 - SuperCoffee’s Ecom Vs Retail Split and Corona Numbers

07:00 - What is Jim obsessed with in his business right now

07:46 - Fundraising advice during Covid times

09:30 - The hardest part about building and fulfilling a complex product

10:48 - Learning on the fly and football metaphor (good as a clip)

11:58 - Inch wide, model deep (the key to the retail model) good clip

13:05 - 80/20 rule with building with individual locations

14:20 - How did SuperCoffee get on shelves? Pounding pavement!

17:20 - SuperCoffee’s direct to consumer marketing strategy and team

19:00 - How much sales are directly from ads?

19:43 - Building a business with your brothers

21:20 - What were your parents like?

23:00 - Looking for athletes as employees

23:35 - How did you build your team (28 strong)?

26:12 - Supercoffee Office vs Remote

27:12 - How do you instill company values in a remote team (super valuable minute here for clip)

29:23 - Shark Tank is GOLD - How to make the most of it (good clip too)

30:00 - specific Shark Tank story (so good Kiss good, it could be stinger too)

32:00 - Fallout from Shark Tank (It Opens Doors!)

33:00 - How to choose investors? Institutional vs Celebrity

35:30 - Supercoffee hesitant about influencers

36:25 - We talk influencer whitelisting with Supercoffee

37:45 - What roas do we aim for for CPG products at Pilothouse

38:48 - Pilothouse’s sweet spot

39:53 - Supercoffee’s plan to get to a billion dollars

41:48 - Pilothouse playbook for traffic

43:18 - Pilothouse’s presale gospel + relentless iteration

44:23 - Get more UGC!

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