Rebrand to Expand: Theragun Becomes Therabody to Sell CBD via "Jobs to Be Done"

June 29, 2020

💪🏻We've got an extremely powerful episode of DTC: Hot Seat by Pilothouse where we talk with Dirk MacGregor, VP Acquisition at Therabody about Scaling a global healing brand and selling CBD. 🌱

Not only is Theragun a massive, globally scaling, 9 figure ecommerce power house, it's also making the world objectively better for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 

When Dr. Jason Wersland invented Theragun, it was out of sheer necessity to heal a broken body. He ended up creating a whole new category of "percussive therapy" devices, and has created a healing revolution that's allowed individuals to take control of their recovery journeys like never before. 

Today on DTC we're talking with Therabody VP, Acquisition @Dirk MacGregor, and pilothouse Co-founders Kylh Eitchcox and Jeff Shannon.

We talk about product developement, multi-channel marketing, and really dive in on Theragun's rebrand to include TheraOne CBD under the umbrella brand Therabody, following the jobs to be done theory we talk about all the time on DTC.

- Theragun Story “built out of necessity”

- Dirk MacGregor’s DTC career and trajectory with Theragun

- Eric’s experience with Percussive Therapy

- Principles of the product: help you stay off the Pharma roller coaster

- Product with ACTUAL science to back it up. Dozens of trials happening now even.

- Refreshing to work on a truly great product that helps people “when those dials actually mean something to you, you become that much better of a marketer.” Not trying to sell people, trying to help people for real.

- 120 employees at Therabody, truly global brand. Using Pod structure

- DTC First, but then they cracked retail. Here’s what happened.

- Retail experience = Theragun Reset...focused on making it an experience

- Hiring is key. Do they have the right contacts, inroads? Don’t settle for

- Customer experience drives product development. Example, making the device quieter with a novel brushless motor

- “The Moment a customer has a bad experience with our product, we’ve lost them forever” 

- How do you design your customer feedback loop (it’s from everything, everywhere)

- How does Theragun’s marketing machine work? Make customers understand the “why”

- The Theragun Triangle

- Theragun’s 2020 marketing plans, where are they going to grow? DR? - Mass Reach? Aligning with Athletes? More localized Support? Where do we expand out of the digital channels

- Launched a CBD Brand in 2020. What are the plans to open new channels with this new product.

- Jobs to Be done theory of rebranding to expand your brand

- Therabody vs Theragun vs Theraone

- Regulations around Marketing CBD. Topical applications doable on Facebook.

- Subscription for CBD on the roadmap

- Dirk’s take on presales content and angles for Therabody

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