Pushing Past $100M With Josh Elizetxe

November 11, 2020

As an agency partner to ❄️ Snow, we’ve enjoyed a front row seat to their journey of both category dominance, and category creation. We caught up with Josh on a podcast to discuss growth in all its dimensions.

Elizetxe’s (pronounced el-is-et-chay) superpower is his commitment to challenging the status quo. His trailblazing attitude inspires others to think differently.

When it comes to growth, Josh is always willing to explore and experiment in many dimensions at once, both through ad-driven DTC, retail, billboards and more.

What follows is an unpacking of Josh’s central ideas about growth that he’s learned throughout the process of scaling his company beyond $100M.

Prepare to grow your operation

🔵 Head & the heart: It is essential to have clarifying conversations to determine what success means to you, and what end goal you’re looking to achieve. Is your goal to provide for 5 to 10 people? Are you looking to create a generational company you can pass down to your children? Dig deep to unpack what making an impact means for you and your business. As Elizetxe puts it, thinking about scale starts in your brain and your heart.

🔵 Brace yourself: Be proactive as you prepare to scale. Take what you’re doing and multiply it by 100. What systems and how many people will you need to accommodate that growth? Start to take the next best affordable steps to work towards that goal, putting in place the building blocks for that growth moment.

🔵 Macro management: Elizetxe advocates a high-expectation, low-pressure managerial style. Give your hiree’s full control. Be sure to brace yourself for growing pains in delegation and relinquishing control when scaling to a bigger team. A lot of stress can be reduced by due diligence in the hiring process - hire someone you trust to sit in the driver’s seat.

🔵 Swim with sharks: As you scale, hire those that share your risk appetite. You want your team filled with scrappy folks who are operating on your level. Only egotistical leaders are intimidated by hiring entrepreneurial forces to be reckoned with.

Grow your team with this two prong strategy

To avoid a recruitment time-suck you need to tap into role-specific networks, cherry-pick, and hone in on candidates fast. The best way to do this? Elizetxe goes to the experts:

🔵 People experts: When it comes to sourcing talent, Elizetxe goes to recruiting agencies. Source the recruiter with the biggest following, biggest team, and best presence to bring in top candidates.

🔵 Subject matter experts: Elizetxe supplements his recruiter approach with his own independent reconnaissance on LinkedIn and Clarity.fm. He’ll seek out an expert in the field he’s hiring for, pay them for their time, and ask if they have any leads/suggestions for top players in their network who would excel in the open position.

Surge your growth with epic C/X and velocity

How did Snow achieve its initial growth surge? Elizetxe boils it down to two central strategies:

🔵 Attention to detail: Like a smell, texture, aesthetic? Feed that into your brand and your customer experience. In Elizetxe’s words - your product is the creation of a bunch of artists collaborating. Aim for a unique vibe that emanates across your brand and constantly consume and retain information that could prove to be useful to enhance your brand.

🔵 Velocity: Snow has pursued an aggressive customer acquisition strategy aiming to convert 1 million customers. Their team approaches paid advertising with a blitzkrieg mentality approaching customers from many angles with intense velocity. To achieve this, Snow leverages an amazing internal marketing team, and works with several agencies, each with their own unique core competency.

Growing beyond the algorithm

Retail had always been a part of Snow’s roadmap - it made sense to have their product available where most people buy their toothpaste. But, the move became essential when Snow realized they had nowhere else to grow within the constraints of the DTC social space.

While Facebook is an incredible launch and scale strategy, to push above $100M, you need to utilize larger networks to further establish your business. Right now, consumer behaviour has not changed enough to facilitate exponential growth via DTC  - not all your customers are Facebook shoppers and the algorithm can only take you so far. To continue to scale you’ll inevitably need to diversify to radio, tv, billboards, and retail.

This requires a shift of thinking outside of the addictive framework of Facebook. Scaling to radio ads, billboards, retail, means relinquishing control, and reworking your approach, but it is essential to your journey to becoming a household name.

Snow’s billboard and radio ads directed consumers to getsnow.com (rather than the usual trysnow.com URL) to have some trackability for the ad’s efficacy. For more attribution tips to keep all this hypergrowth straight - listen to the full pod. https://anchor.fm/dtcpocast

Let's scale your brand

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