Kickstarter For Jeans - Duer Denim

May 21, 2020

🔥🪑Hot Seat EP 6 - Duer Denim Evolves Ecom and Solves Markdown with NEXT, their Kickstarter for Pants

Gary Lenett is a fashion industry icon. He got tired of predicting trends for the new denim wash and decided to make pants that served a simple function: pants so good, you'll never have to think about pants again. Duer look great and feel great, and can be worn for any occasion.

This fast scaling Vancouver brand was taking the Canadian retail, wholesale and ecom world by storm, when Corona hit. Luckily they were prepared.

Gary had long been planning NEXT, a new system for product distribution modelled after Kickstarter, a platform that Duer has already been massively successful with.

Pants on Demand, reduce the two biggest issues for apparel brands 1. by producing pants for people who order them you keep excess out of the landfill and 2. You'll never have to markdown goods again.

We also were lucky to have Calvin Roex, the head of their ecommerce platform where we discussed their most successful channels, the launch of their new program as well as suggestions for them to improve and expand on their angles.

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00:00 - Gary Lennett Fashion Industry Legend and the Duer Story

02:01 - The Birth of Lifestyle apparel and Athleisure wear

04:03 - Duer pivots to on-demand denim with internal Kickstarter platform NEXT

6:44 - Two biggest reasons for on-demand fashion: Landfill and Markdown

09:33 - How NEXT works (Kickstarter model)

10:02 - Problem/Solution clothing and how NEXT saves on prototype testing

16:11 - NEXT on Demand vs straight ecommerce for DUER

18:33 - How NEXT makes you feel like an insider/backer

20:43 - DUERs performance marketing efforts (ads and influencers)

21:10 - Whitelisted influencer traffic for Duer (must do!)

22:30 - Canada’s Ecommerce scale potential (bigger than you think)

24:27 - DUER’s retail vs wholesale vs DTC sales

27:04 - Pilothouse shouts and insights about DUER Ads and CX

28:16 - Indoor vs Outdoor creative - realistic vs aspirational creative (aspirational wins)

30:45 - Advice: Feeding the AI with ANGLES

32:00 - Hitting the feed with multiple takes on the same products

32:50 - If you had a $50K grant given, where would you put it?

34:21 - Attribution model chat

38:42 - Gary’s philosophy about consumerism and clothes. Buy good clothes, that last so you don’t have to think about clothes

40:58-  Eric’ Angle for DUER makes Gary’s day “Jeans that make me wanna bike more”

42 - Gary’s stories belong in your ads

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