Hot Seat #5 - John Hagan

May 15, 2020

Hot Seat #5 - Influencer Collabs at SCALE with PureLei's John Hagan

Influencer marketing can be one of the most powerful strategies for ecommerce brands, but it is also one of the most difficult to manage at scale. This is where John Hagan has made the biggest impact as Director of Growth at 3 year old German jewelry company Purelei.

From 2018 to 2019, John helped scale Purelei in a competitive vertical 3X from high seven figures to healthy 8 figures with his advanced performance marketing skillset.

On a slow week his team manages 40 influencer integrations. Black Friday? He's thinking more like 400 🤯

Hear how he's built his team to handle these collaborations and how he uses Dark Posts to maximize and regulate the positive impact influencer UGC has on his campaigns.

0:00 - John’s Story - Lead Media Buyer at Structured Social - Nick Shackelford’s agency

04:45 - What drew John to join German Jewelry company

6:37 - Purelei’s story of 7 to 8 figure scale

7:14 - Purelei’s product selection strategy

9:15 - Purelei’s product launch strategy

14:18 - Why product launches are better than discounts

15:11 - SIXTY Launches a week! Purelei’s Scaling Influencer Strategy

17:45 - Localization strategy - 70% won’t check out in non-native language

19:45 - Germany vs US opportunity

22:30 - How Purelei leverages scarcity and MYSTERY during its product launches (Advent Calendars)

25:20 - my daughter is banging on the door. Probably leave it in.

26:05 - Detailed breakdown of how to use Dark Posts to scale influencer marketing

31:05 - Building creative for dark posts at scale

35:40 - How Purelei structures its team and staff

36:50 - Building coaching calls into team structure

38:15 - John’s 2:30 am meeting with Adidas

39:05 - Tic Tok, Snapchat, and Purelei’s key media mix (FB + Insta)

41:15 - 600 influencer collaborations planned for q4

42:04 - John’s deep thoughts on Attribution

47:50 - Best advice about keeping attribution clean and simple (one day conversion window)

48:53 - Tracking attribution for influencers dark posts

51:20 - who in the industry is doing attribution properly (nobody)

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