Hot Seat #4 - Dan Vas

May 8, 2020

🔥🪑 Hot Seat #5 - Dan Vas on Anti-GURU, Amazon, Info and Organic YouTube Traffic

This week we interviewed friend of the Pilothouse Team, Dan Vas who's built a steady 7 figure income by vlogging his journey as an Amazon Seller and growing an organic following of over 175K TRUE followers. On this cast we talk about the mindset of success, University vs online education, and a redefinition of the term "GURU".

00:00 - 02:32 - Intro To team and Dan Vas

02:33 - 11:00 - “I just wanted freedom” The Dan Vas Amazon Success Story

11:34 -13:35 -  GURUs and The future of online education and ecommerce

13:36 -16:40 -  University education vs School of internet hard knocks

16:42 - 19:38 - A Lambo Audience vs 1000 real fans

20:15 - 22:50 - Never ran cold ads, YouTube as top of funnel

22:52 - 26:05  How to make videos that go viral, (Window washer to $1K per day)

26:10 - 29:50 - 1000 real fans vs a million fake

30:00 - 33:30 Every ecommerce brand needs a YouTube Channel. YouTube is the New TV.

33:32 - 37:00 Businesses  can’t rely on 100% cold traffic. Organic foundation is key.

37:01 - 42:39 - The Golden Mean for launching campaigns

43:23 - 46:50 -  Is Amazon Dead? (NO!)

47:58 -52:20 -  Lambo Fans vs No Lambo Fans - Revenue Per Subscriber

52:25 - 58:00 - Can’t chase two rabbits or you’ll catch none. Focus on info, or focus on Amazon FBA

58:01 - 59:40 Goal with Dan’s products 10X revenue vs cost of course within 3 months

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