Hot Seat #2 - Crossnet

April 21, 2020

How to turn $5K into $150K with Email Marketing in 3 Months with Crossnet cofounder and CRO Chris Meade

Crossnet is taking the world by storm, innovating a combination of Volleyball and Foursquare to create a truly NOVEL product that the world is lining up for.

Here are some juicy notes from this weeks podcast:

  • 🥾 Hear how they BOOTSTRAPPED the company from flipping 10 orders to making orders of 22,000 units a pop.
  • 🛒 Hear how they used Linked In and classic content marketing to reach the influential retail merchandisers at Target, Dicks, and Walmart.
  • 📩 Learn how an education focused email marketing strategy and correct use of Wheelio went from driving $3K a month to $150K in just a few months.
  • 🏋🏻 See someone working out on a balcony for the first time ever on the Hot Seat!

02:20 - Origin of Crossnet

04:45 - The Design and Rules of Crossnet

05:20 - Prototyping a Novel Product

06:45 - Using LinkedIn and Content Marketing to Get Crossnet into Dicks, Walmart, and Target

09:30 - Chris' Entrepreneurial Journey

10:30 - How to Bootstrap your product from  minimum shipments - 22K orders a pop

13:15 - Who's buying your product, and who's the end consumer (are they the same?)

14:30 - Premium Products vs Quality Products (expectations)

15:50 - Visual Grassroots marketing and Customer education

18:05 - Crossnet Email Marketing Strategy ($3k - $150K)

20:00 - Wheelio when it works

20:48 - Video creative strategy (Budget video works!)

22:45 - Crossnet and COVID performance

25:30 - How to reach the moms who actually buy your product

26:15 - Online vs Offline breakdown for Crossnet

28:00 - Breakdown of Traffic sources for Crossnet + content marketing

29:50 - Importance of a unified voice for brand copy

0:40 - One area to improve more: email still

31:25 - $100K Grant - Use it to build a Podcast!

32:55 - Eric's Advice on starting a podcast

4:27 - How Crossnet does FB Ads

35:15 - Crossnet and SMS

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