Hassle-Free Influencer Marketing in 2021 with Roger Figueiredo, Hashtag Paid

November 6, 2020

Not getting the results you want with your influencer campaigns? We’re here to help!

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Step 2. Listen to our conversation with Roger Figueiredo the VP of
Marketing and Sales Development for hashtag paid, a leading platform for executing influencer campaigns.

We pick Roger’s brain on all things influencer marketing, take a peek at the
highlights below:

🚫 Are you making the #1 influencer marketing mistake?

Don’t micromanage your creators. Oftentimes businesses are hesitant to relinquish creative control to their influencers undermining the point and benefit of pursuing an influencer campaign. You go to creators for their authenticity - don’t steamroll them into one size fits all creative - they aren’t a billboard. Influencers know how to engage with their audience - let them do their thing.

That said - influencers want boundaries! They don’t want to be dictated to, but they do want to be pointed in the right direction. Finding the right balance is key.

🔎 Celebrity Influencers vs. Nano Influencers

Depending on the specificity of your product, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to influencer marketing.
If your message is broad, appealing to a universal audience with limited targeting or segmentation, a large following traditional celebrity will absolutely do the trick. However, if you have a highly specific message it is a far more impactful strategy to pair with micro-influencers who share your niche audience - you’ll get way more bang for your buck.

📄 The Art of Whitelisting

For the uninitiated, whitelisting is when you partner with a creator to run your brand’s ads through their account. Whitelisting benefits from both the authenticity of influencer marketing and the optimization and targeting of Facebook ads. With organic influencer marketing, you’re only targeting the creator’s followers. Whitelisting grants you access to a much larger audience, and it is an effective strategy across your funnel.

TIP: Hashtag Paid has had success activating whitelisting campaigns to build client email lists in advance of Black Friday.

⏳ Take Time With Your Customers

Successful marketers use influencer marketing across their funnel, over an extended period of time.
Repeated interaction with a brand leads to familiarity, which leads to trust. Consumers already trust the influencer they have subscribed to, and therefore will grow to trust your product by proxy. Really good brands are using this familiarity focused strategy of targeting across their funnel for an extended period of time.

💵 Creator Compensation

The unfortunate reality is, there is no standard when it comes to creator compensation and the unpredictability of rates can be a huge deterrent for those on the fence about jumping into influencer marketing. This is where Hashtag Paid can help out. In addition to cherry-picking influencers who like your brand, they pre-determine rates and approve creators for whitelisting.

Listen to the full pod for a debrief on the COVID-induced creator economy, why legacy brands are reluctant to jump into influencer marketing, how to effectively measure influencer targeting and a laxative case study in influencer authenticity.

Listen to this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dtcpodcast

Sign up for our Flywheel Challenge    
(https://learn.directtoconsumer.co/buynow )
Only a few spots left and closing the doors on Saturday for REALS.

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