Gut Instincts For DTC Growth with BIOHM Health’s CEO Afif Ghannoum

September 17, 2020

👋🏻 Greetings DTCers!

This week we have a doozie of a podcast filled with valuebombs about radical differentiation via expertise, $200K individual ambassadors, and how to create an effective echo chamber with earned media to grow your brand on autopilot.

Meet BIOHM Health CEO @Afif Ghannoum,  A biotechnology attorney, and FDA regulatory expert. In addition to his role as CEO of BIOHM Health, Afif has launched three biotechnology companies with over $15 million in private equity financing, launched products in over 25,000 retail stores, and licensed technology to a global pharmaceutical company for a product sold in over 100,000 stores. 🤩

His father is renowned scientist Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, who made the breakthrough digestive health discovery that bacteria and fungi work together to dissolve digestive plaque in the gut. Recognizing an opportunity, Affif teamed with his father, leveraging his father’s expertise and landmark discovery to launch gut health company, BIOHM Health. BIOHM is currently seeing monthly sales approaching seven figures through tactics outlined here:  

🔑 Rapid Fire Mobilization

When you have the gut feeling (forgive me) that you have a hit on your hands - activate fast!  Knowing he had a clear differentiator in the flooded probiotic market, Afif saw potential and mobilized fast. BIOHM Heath was propelled from concept to execution in a mere six months. The hustle!

🔑 Expertise as Market Differentiator

Build a product around expertise. Science is fundamental and non-negotiable when it comes to BIOHM. His father’s credentials in the niche field of gut fungi are BIOHM’s market differentiator.

Don’t have an expert? A lot of folks have expertise but don’t know how to market themselves. Approach experts with a following and partner to build and support your product. Universities can be amazing partners, just like our friends at Mid-Day Squares who developed their chocolate health confectionary in partnership with McGill over 5 years.

🔑 Pink Ocean Innovation

Wait. What? Enter a field where previous businesses have paved the way explaining to consumers what your product does and why they need it. Use that reserved bandwidth to focus your time, money, and energy on highlighting your product’s market differentiator. Listen to the pod or read Afif’s Forbes article on the subject for a full concept breakdown.

🔑 Build a Content Echochamber

A significant player in Afif’s BIOHM Health launch strategy was the creation of a content echo-chamber. Afif pursued high-profile publications, including Forbes, NPR, and GOOP, who published profiles on the burgeoning business, building momentum for a product launch that earned BIOHM $28,000 on their first day of sales.

This credibility bolstering content is a prime advertising opportunity. Ad spends on high profile pieces that link to your site will ultimately drive traffic back to you.

Here’s a breakdown of Afif’s strategy for pursuing reputable publications:

1. Research - look at your industry and publications your audience relies on

2. Pursue - reach out to your target publications, and be consistent and unrelenting in your follow-ups

3. Add Value - when pitching your story, explain how your story will drive traffic to their publication, how you are adding value for them

4. Don’t be a d*ck - if you are kind and earnest, people will want to deal with you! Ultimately, you’re trying to provide compelling content to their audience - it’s a mutually beneficial dynamic.

🔑 Methodical Content Strategy

To make high-level wellness topics accessible to consumers and promote BIOHM, Afif and team have created a content web that includes a podcast, weekly emails, and a high-traffic blog that all strategically connect to bolster marketing goals.

Cultivating an audience and platform can be leveraged when seeking representation on other influential media. Use your platform as a bargaining chip offering coverage on your blog/podcast/e-blast in exchange for content on another party’s platform.

🔑 Ambassador Programs

Like his approach to reputable publications, Afif is all about that cold-call outreach when it comes to influencers. Then, after a successful initial campaign, BIOHM offers influencers a spot in their ambassador program to earn 10-15% of their sales. While 90% of the ambassadors generate between 10-100 bucks a month, a few “whales” have generated shocking sales, including one super ambassador reaching a consistent $200,000 a month.

Even those ambassadors that aren’t making the (!!!) $200,000 a month sales are highly valuable assets as they are the source of highly effective customer testimonials.

Also, if you’re keen on “rethinking your gut” and are interested in BioHm’s total Microbiome approach to health, use DTC10 for 10% off your first order.

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