DTC Principles To Live by With Jason Akatiff

October 29, 2020

⏳ How much time and effort can having a set of principles for business and life that you've honed down to sharp blades to help you pare down to what's really important? The answer is in this podcast..

Jason Akatiff is the founder of a4d.com, a powerhouse affiliate marketing network, as well as ecommerce brands BauBax and Boundery.  

Jason has been a performance marketer since the 90’s and is an advisor and overall DTC strategy expert who has generated a quarter-billion dollars in affiliate commissions (and billions in ecommerce sales) throughout his career. He’s also a mentor of Eric’s - basically making him DTC’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Watch this week’s sneak preview as Jason shares his take on what has been happening in the affiliate space during COVID-19 and discusses his guiding principles,100 of which he has recently shared on his blog.

Here are three fundamental principles he unpacks on the pod:

Never build something for cash flow alone. Always build for cash flow and value creation. You’ll make a lot more (with a lot fewer taxes) selling what you’ve created if executed right.

Be efficient in your solutions and help. Synthesize long-winded answers down to the core of the issue (this principle led to the creation of Akatiff’s blog).

Train your talented people to be system builders. Focus on building and creating new and different things that other people haven’t been able to do.

You can find Jason’s other 97 principles on business, vision/planning, process, hr/culture, and tech/dev, over at https://jasonakatiff.com (highly recommended).

Take a listen to the full value-packed conversation on our podcast. We run the gamut from HR and structuring strategy to skill development, COVID-19 responses, to further Star Wars references, and why you should be taking 100+ days of vacation a year.

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