DTC 1 - Scaling Streetwear with Ambassador Ads - FRONTRVNNERS Joshua Jackai

July 16, 2020

👋🏻 Today marks the first ever DTC podcast!

Technically, this is a continuation of the Hot Seat series we've been doing with Pilothouse but today's marks the transition to our own brand! 🎉🚀📦

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This episode has it all: first touch ambassador ads, selling masks PRE-covid, investing in influencers, streetwear brand building, low key spirituality, and even SOP flexes by Alex Stiehl.

It was amazing to sit down and riff with Joshua Jackai on his journey building a high integrity streetwear up to solid figures a month and scaling, using an interesting ambassador tactic that recruits an army of micro-influencers to buy a product, be part of the brand and recruit others.

This episode has it all!

This Ad driven ambassador plan is only possible because he's built a brand and a message that resonates with his audience. His message? That's for you to figure out but we really vibed with the brand's low key spirituality and Joshua's super hungry appetite to grow this thing.

Dan Norcia and Eric Dyck provide some solid funnel feedback about how to make small differences to see big improvements.

Hope you enjoy 📦

📦 Joshua’s brand story with Frontrvnners streetwear

📦 What’s Joshua’s background with streetwear (BAPE, Diamond)

📦 How to create apparel that resonates with streetwear consumers

📦 Brand Ambassador + Customer acquisition in a single campaign (unique funnel)

📦 How are your brand ambassador campaigns structured on Facebook?

📦 The numbers on Joshua’s brand ambassador campaigns

📦 Targeting true micro influencers who want to be influencers

📦 Why this approach works in the streetwear niche

📦 Started running masks with a Direct marketing approach

📦 How has selling masks worked (ahead of the curve selling 2 years ago)

📦 Streetwear and influencers. How he Joshua got started in Vancouver

📦 Book recommendation “Grouped” how to infiltrate actual social groups with your brand

📦 Dan suggests product inserts to create more ambassadors

📦 Eric suggests using Typeform rather than google sheets to extend the brand experience

📦 $50K investment question: where would you put it? Talent, consultants.

📦 What are the key aspects to your mindset that are helping you succeed? (integrity)

📦 Spiritual vibe to the brand (low key Christianity) Low Key Christianity is the next wave (Eric’s prediction)

📦 Joshua edits diversity into all his images. Important theme. Subtle progressivism.

📦 Adaptability and surveillance

📦 Joshua’s approach to automated systems (big evolution of the biz)

📦 Weird power flex by Alex Stiehl hundreds of SOPs

📦 Eric’s CRO advice for Ambassador funnel

📦 The Power of Facebook Groups

📦 Joshua asks what Pilothouse is: “relentless iteration”

📦 How to use SMS deftly in Frontrvnners funnel (eric)

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