Building Trust with Email Marketing for Ecom and Lead Gen (AKNF #11)

July 10, 2020

A wise meme once said 💁🏻♂️ "It's Free Real Estate.

"I don't think they were talking about email marketing, but they could have been.

Pilothouse has been building our email marketing team, sniping expert Julien Normand to lead the charge earlier this year.

We're now trailblazing with several of our brands on the ecommerce and lead generation side.

Today we dove deep with Pilothouse's Julien on email for ecommerce AND lead gen, with in-house lead gen expert Brett Turner

Today we covered topics such as:

📧Julien’s basic ecom email philosophy strategy

📧Building education into your email flow 30-40% promo 60-40% educational

📧We see brands using soft CTA to just get the emai

l📧It’s ok to give an offer right away in email, but the focus should be building trust and

📧Which ESPs are preferred (different on Ecom and Lead Gen)

📧Multi-touch point email campaign for lead gen example. Touch points increase conversion!

📧HTML vs Plain Text in Email

📧Headlines for Open Rate vs Click Rate (Does Clickbait work?)

📧Julien talks about headlines and open rates

📧Email marketing segmentation - How much is enough?

📧Post purchase flow for best LTV

📧Where and how to use emojis for best results

📧Julien’s final words on Email marketing “Do Better!” (*stinger potential)

📧Sunset Flows, or manual list scrubs are a must!

Get DTC in your ears 👂🏼

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