All Killer, No Filler #7

May 18, 2020

🚀🔪All Killer, No Filler #7 - First Person Explainer Videos, Listicles, and Shopify's Valuation.

The team was a little light this week, but the actionable insights are HEAVY.

🎥 How to make a first person explainer video (these are crushing)

📈Listicles continue to pay dividends in the form of cheap engagement

👨🏻Facebook Ads Rep Reports - Auction Competition is heating back

🛍Shopify vs. Tesla - which valuation is more nutty?

🏘Should you buy an office in this down market or continue to rent?

🩺Keeping a pulse on all accounts and staff as the weeks from home drag on

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All Killer, No Filler #7

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