Fix CREATIVE BURNOUT on Facebook Ads

May 12, 2020

All Killer, No Filler #6 - Fix CREATIVE BURNOUT on Facebook Ads

What do you do when the Facebook Ad creatives that brought you to scaletown BURN OUT? 🚀🔪

That's what this week's AKNF found us asking. We brought in our Senior media buyer, Nate Vankoughnet and Creative Director Cam Wind to join co-founder Kyle Hitchcox and myself for a round table discussion on:

  1. The Facebook Power 5 and why you need to embrace it for longer lasting audience and creative
  2. The Pilothouse Creative process (and the importance of aligned incentives on the creative team)
  3. How to create purposeful, angle driven creative
  4. How build creatives and campaigns for launch (and the place for dynamic ads.)
  5. Creative testing at Scale through isolated variables
  6. Restarting a MASSIVE campaign after creative burnout strikes

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