Testing Insta Page vs To The Product Description Page Directly

April 24, 2020

AKNF #4 - The Ad That Beat Kim Kardashian (5X ROAS) [REAL STATS] and Skynet Lives?

Today we share some raw stats on the angle that Josh F Elizetxe freestyled on a previous podcast (Ever had a dream your teeth were falling out?), as well as some actual numbers of running a presales page in Insta Page vs to the Product description page direct. Oh yah, also during this pod, all of our Google Home Bots synced up and we may or may not have created Skynet. Sorry about that John Connor.

00:00 - The Ad that Beat Kim Kardashian

01:38 - 🤖Skynet comes online (Google is listening)

01:50 - [REAL STATS]Josh Snow's angle (Ever had a dream your teeth fell out?) 🦷

03:05 - [REAL STATS] Instapage vs Product Page direct on Mens accessories

05:45 - Instapage Improves AOV

06:14 - Global Pixel Outtage! (Best practices for recovering)

11:00 - Overcoming Supply Chain Issues with Variety Packs

14:12 - Who's really buying your products? (Not always the end consumer) How to reach the real buyers

17:01 - VESSI Hot Seat Tease (Giveback Funnel, Thank You Page Referrals, and Novel Community Building Emails)

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