All Killer, No Filler #3

April 17, 2020

AKNF #3 - IT'S GO TIME for Ecommerce Brands and Best Practices for Riding this Wave

This week I surprised the panel with an ambush AKNF session. Good thing our team is always ready to rock 🤘🏼Here we discuss the success we're having across the board, as traffic is on sale, and clients are scaling hard and fast. Watch this quick cast to glean some insight onto how YOU can best ride this wave with your brand! 🌊

0:00 - It's GO TIME across the board (and how best practices allow you to ride the wave)

2:50 - Double, or Triple your Budgets yesterday!

4:00 - Exodus of certain traffic vertical advertisers (travel + + ) means inventory is on sale

4:40 - ROAS vs Volume in these BOOM times (invest now at a discount)

6:00 - Email Story telling and education tactics from Chris Meade and CROSSNET

7:28 - Lifetime Budgets still CRUSHING (are you switched over yet??)

9:00 - Control campaign overlap with FB Experiences, Facebook's native testing platform

11:35 - Pre Sales Magic - Use presales page to align your angles fully (shout out to the master, Mohamed Ali Aguel!)

14:12 - Advertisers and Ideas we LOVE:- Novel ideas- Brands reinventing themselves- Info Product Deluge (The GURUS are coming - DIY and Hair Dye is the new TP

18:25 - Is this the new normal for Ecommerce? What happens when the economy rebounds?

20:15 - 🍷Are you drinking more or less? Box wine vs Bottle?

21:35 - Shoutout to Moez Ali's new podcast "Exit Strategy"

22:10 - Team member personal growth through #WINNING

23:10 - No such thing as a bad Dragon's Den experience

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