Drop Your CPAs 20% - 50% With This Hack

April 7, 2020

AKNF#1 - Drop Your CPAs 20% - 50% with this ONE simple hack + lots more ecommerce gold

This week we discuss:

  • Watch this 20 min vid to learn the tactic (that we learned from Josh F Elizetxe, that's LOWERING our CPAs 20-50% (!!!) for our Agency clients across the board.
  • Find out how switching campaigns to lifetime budgets could make a big addition to your bottom line.
  • Welcome to All Killer, No Filler Fridays, the pod where Pilothouse principles get together to discuss what worked this week in our agency with examples and data to back it up.

Skip to -12:00 to hear our Lifetime Budget Scaling hack that's working well rn, or blast the whole "all killer, no filler" cast for other tips on:

What you will hear about:

  1. Crushing with Facebook Poll Ads
  2. Quiz funnels for ecom and Lead Gen
  3. Ad comment kung fu
  4. Lifetime budget hacks that lowered CPA 30%!
  5. Testing old tactics, finding new wins
  6. New client runways coming out of the crisis
  7. Custom calculations in ad reporting
  8. **BONUS** How to set up your Zoom to have sweet custom backgrounds

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