$5K - $10M - Scaling Watches with Google Shopping with Branzio's Ronnie Teja

July 21, 2020

With his last $5000 dollars Ronnie Teja flew to a watch fair in China secured the inventory to sell his first watches. He sold those profitably, and has never looked back, scaling three different men's accessory brands across 77 countries, with each reaching $10M in sales, in just the last 4 years. ⌚️🚀

In this cast we talk about how to get the most mileage from Google Shopping with your bidding strategies, how to find and aquire organic affiliate content sites, how YouTube is blowing up for men's accessories, and most importantly, how to install an Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) extract yourself from the day to day grind of your business.

In this cast:

📦Google Shopping bidding strategy

📦Aquisition of affilliate content sites

📦YouTube killing for Mens Accessories

📦Installing E.O.S. in your business to raise your game

Ronnie and I go way back in the affiliate game, so it was awesome to connect about all the ways he's grown as a marketer and as a business owner.

All that and some cricket 🏏

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